Politician kicked out of Labour for homophobic remarks

Jamal Nouhi
Jamal Nouhi (PvdA Breda)Jamal Nouhi (PvdA Breda)

A city councillor in Breda has been kicked out of his own party’s faction there after making statements comparing the rights of homosexuals to the rights of pedophiles. Labour party (PvdA) member Jamal Nouhi made the comments when suggesting that the foundation Human Rights Watch should stop lobbying for gay rights in Morocco, calling it a religious issue.

He said it would be like another foundation lobbying in favour of pedophiles in the Netherlands.

“PvdA Breda notes that Nouhi’s statements are diametrically opposed to the policies supported by the PvdA,” the party said in a statement. “Therefore, Mr. Nouhi cannot be part of the faction.”

The decision was made after local party chairman Henk van der Velde sat down with Nouhi to discuss the comments.

They then referred the matter to the national party with the recommendation that Nouhi be kicked out of the organisation.

Nouhi defended his statements, saying they were meant to shock people into the realisation that Human Rights Watch interferes with “our state religion”, with a morally superior attitude towards countries they think are “backwards,” according to the Telegraaf newspaper.


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