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Dutch police officer talking on his radio
Jan 30 '20 19:30

The police pulled over a drunk driver in Lelystad during the early hours of Thursday morning and found that she was four times over the alcohol limit with six young children in the car with her. "Her driver's license was of course confiscated immediately and she will soon have to answer to the judge," the Lelystad police said on Facebook.

Jan 6 '20 16:00

A motorist was caught driving 209 kilometers per hour on the A16 highway near Prinsenbeek, the traffic department of the Zeeland-West-Brabant police said on Monday. Police officers had to reach speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour in the chase to bring the motorist to a stop, the police said

The young driver's license was confiscated. According to the police, the Public Prosecution's guideline is for the license to be suspended for four months. But the Prosecutor and licensing department CBR can choose to deviate from that.

Nov 7 '19 10:10

People caught driving while intoxicated will lose their driver's license faster according in a new legislative proposal Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security presented. The bill also states that people caught driving with their license suspended or revoked, will face prison, NOS reports.

A Ferrari driver was caught driving 95 km/h over the speed limit in Rotterdam, 7 August 2019
Aug 8 '19 11:50

Ferraris are fast cars, the Rotterdam police realized again after catching a Ferrari driver speeding on Wednesday. The man was driving nearly 100 kilometers over the speed limit, the Rotterdam police said on Twitter.

The motorist was driving at 145 kilometers per hour, in a 50 km/h zone. The police immediately confiscated his driver's license. The speed limit also applies to Ferrari drivers, the police said. 

The case was transferred to the Public Prosecution Service for further processing. 

30 km/h speed limit road sign
Jul 19 '19 14:20

People caught speeding in France risk having their driver's license confiscated. This happens to around 100 Dutch per year, caught driving at least 50 kilometers over the speed limit, broadcaster BNR reports based on figures requested from the French Interior Ministry. In 2017, a total of 104 Dutch speeders had their licenses confiscated in France.

According to the strict French penalty point system, people caught speeding can receive up to 6 penalty points against their license, depending on how fast they were going. This is enough to result in a 3 year driving ban. 

Dec 25 '18 11:40

The police arrested a 26-year-old taxi driver in a parking garage on Amstelstraat in Amsterdam on Sunday morning. The man had a firearm in his possession, was under the influence of alcohol, and did not have a valid driver's license, Het Parool reports.

Patrolling police officers heard shouts coming from the parking garage at around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday and went to check it out. When they saw the taxi driver standing there with a firearm on him, the man was immediately arrested. One of the cops was slightly injured in the arrest. 

Aug 7 '18 13:40

Selfies of Dutch teenagers posing with their just obtained driver's license are being sold on the dark web to be used for identity fraud, RTL Nieuws reports based on its own research. The broadcaster found "likely hundreds of potential victims".

Jul 12 '18 13:40

A groom missed his wedding on Thursday because he was arrested for drunk driving in the Zuid-Holland town of Leiderdorp early on Thursday morning. A brief but wild chase preceded his arrest, the Leiden-Noord police said on Facebook.

The police tried to pull the man's car over for a traffic check. "He thought differently about that and sped away", the police said. There was a short and wild chase, after which the man jumped out of the car and ran into the gardens on Maria van Hongarijelaan - leaving his future wife behind in the car.

Jul 11 '18 15:10

Around 130 driving exams are stopped prematurely every moth because the candidate caused dangerous situations on the road, the CBR, which is responsible for the exams in the Netherlands, confirmed to NOS. According to spokesperson Nathalie Dingeldein, examiners sometimes need to intervene multiple times to keep the candidate on the road, sometimes even before they left the CBR parking lot. 

Jun 9 '17 15:45

A 25-year-old motorist from Woudneberg was caught driving 246 kilometers per hour on the A2 highway near Liempde on Thursday night. The police revoked his license, AD reports.

The police caught the man driving at about double the 130 km/h speed limit around 10:00 p.m. After a short chase, they managed to pull him over in Liempde.

The officers took his license and his keys, because he is not allowed to drive any further. He will have to redo his driving test to get his license back, according to the newspaper. 

Jan 18 '17 14:30

A Dutch court denied Pastafarian Mienke de Wilde from Nijmegen permission to wear a colander on her head in the photo for her driver's license, AD reports.

De Wilde belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was acknowledged as an official religion in the Netherlands a year ago. Part of the religion is that followers - Pastafarians - should wear colanders on their heads. As such, De Wilde wanted to do so on the photo on her driver's license.

May 20 '16 15:01

Just over 8 percent of 17-year-olds in the Netherlands have a driver's license for car, the highest proportion since the Netherlands made it possible for 17-year-olds to get a license in 2011, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Friday.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Apr 24 '15 12:58

The police arrested and suspended the licence of a 66 year old man from Eindhoven for aggressive driving.

no image
Jan 28 '15 09:21

About three thousand people could not take their driver's license theory exam over the past two days due to a computer glitch at the Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR). The CBR is still struggling with IT issues Wednesday.

May 6 '14 10:36

Driving schools have been handing out driver's licenses to people, even when they failed. Figures from the Central Bureau for Driving Proficiency (CBR) show that in the last three years, 175 people have received their license, while they failed their test, RTL Nieuws reports.

Apr 1 '14 10:20

A taxi driver in Otterlo lost his way while trying to drive a woman to her destination. After a collision, the cabbie lost his driver's license. The police is saying he may have been driving under the influence of drugs.

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