Drunk driver stopped with six children in her car

Dutch police officer talking on his radio
Dutch police officer talking on his radioPhoto: twixx/DepositPhotos

The police pulled over a drunk driver in Lelystad during the early hours of Thursday morning and found that she was four times over the alcohol limit with six young children in the car with her. "Her driver's license was of course confiscated immediately and she will soon have to answer to the judge," the Lelystad police said on Facebook.

The police received a call from a motorist on the A6, reporting that the car in front of him was swerving over both lanes and the emergency lane on the highway towards Lelystad. The caller kept the police informed of the car's location, and the car was pulled over in Lelystad.

"The driver got the car shaking and bumping to a stop, she needed several parking bays for this," the police said. "In addition to the woman, six young children were found in the car, the youngest of whom was 1 year old."

A breathalyzer test showed that the woman had consumed over four times the maximum amount of alcohol allowed. She said she had been at a party, the police said. She and the children were escorted to a police station. 


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