Jul 27 '17 08:48

Dutch charities are benefiting greatly from the growing economy. Thanks in part to large donations from estates, the 25 largest Dutch charities raised a total of 822 million euros last year, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2015, the Volkskrant reports based on its annual charity survey.

Cancer fund KWF is still the largest charity in the Netherlands, raising 119 million euros last year. In 2015 the KWF raised 116.9 million euros. Hartsticthing and the Oranjefonds came second and third with 53 million and 52.8 million euros respectively. 

Dec 5 '16 09:59

The Dutch government is working on a law that entails criteria foreign funders must meet if they want to give money to a Dutch institution, according to a letter the cabinet sent to parliament on Monday, Het Parool reports.

One of the things the government is considering is an obligation of all foundations in the Netherlands to be transparent about the donations they receive. In this way problematic and undesirable foreign financing to, for example, religious institutions can be better addressed, the government wrote, according to the newspaper.

Sep 2 '16 16:00

Rabobank wants the Dutch government to compile a list of designated aid organizations that are allowed to make payments to Syria and Russia. Currently the bank blocks many transactions to comply with international rules around sanctions against certain countries

Jul 14 '16 12:10

Dutch people are donating more and more to aid for asylum seekers. Last year 7.5 million euros were raised, compared to 3.5 million the year before. Donations average around 111 euros per donations, compared to 70 euros a year before. The number of people donating to asylum seeker and refugee organizations is also increasing, Trouw reported on Thursday.

Volunteers assemble cots
Oct 7 '15 17:19

The call for volunteers by the Red Cross in mid-September to aid with refugees across the Netherlands has been heard and answered by more than 20 thousand people. At that time, the Red Cross had access to 6,500 volunteers for assisting in asylum seeker-related issues, but now the total is over 27 thousand.

Sep 16 '15 09:41

Later this week trucks full of tents, blankets, sustainable food, clothes and shoes will be heading to The Jungle refugee camp in Calais and France.

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Sep 9 '15 08:46

Refugees in the Netherlands are currently most in need of bicycles, pajamas and underwear for men. There is currently no need for stuffed animals - a large amount has already been donated and it is difficult to wash them all properly.

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Sep 7 '15 09:03

The Dutch central agency for the reception of asylum seekers, the COA, has received so many donations of toys, clothes and food over the past few days that they are drowning in it at some locations. The agency is therefore asking citizens to stop spontaneous collections for refugees. The donations are heartening, according to the agency, but would be better if it was coordinated.

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Jul 22 '15 13:55

It seems that the VVD is not living up to its own new rules on financial transparency. Last year the ruling party announced that it would publish all donations to local chapters that are above 4,500 euros. The VVD received at least a quarter of a million euros in such donations, but none of them are indicated in the annual report for 2014

Jun 2 '15 15:25

More than 4 thousand euros have been donated to the families of Eva and Belle - the two friends who were killed by a lighting strike in Amersfoort on May 6th. The money is intended to build a memorial site in memory of the two Amersfoort women.

May 7 '15 15:32

The chemicals producer DSM is going to contribute part of the profits to help alleviate the consequences of the earthquake in Nepal, reports BRN. CEO of the company, Feike Sijbesma is calling onto other companies to join the initiative.

Dec 22 '14 11:08

An elderly lady's bag was stolen on Adriaan van Bergenstraat in Breda at around 12:45 on Friday afternoon. The bag contained her last money intended for Christmas dinner with her sick husband.

Aug 28 '14 11:07

In Liberia, Dutch Anneke de Kok-Quoi and her Liberian husband have started a campaign to prevent the spread of Ebola. Her message is one of sanitation, as she donates free buckets with lids for people to wash their hands with. This prevents infection. The Algemeen Dagblad reports.

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Aug 26 '14 09:24

The global rage of the Ice Bucket Challenge has made its mark in ALS donations, and ALS Nederland is feeling the generosity as well. In August alone, the foundation has received more than 14,000 donations, compared to 200 donations every month, the NOS reports.

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Jun 5 '14 09:09

Geert Wilders is seriously considering that he could be criminally prosecuted for his call for "fewer" Moroccans. The PVV-leader is now readying himself for any lawful action planned against him, and has already got lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops in his corner.

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Mar 31 '14 10:32

There is too much demand at the animal food banks in The Netherlands. The foundation Collection Bank Animals Netherlands told Metro that the number of people paying weekly visits to the animal food bank has doubled in the last three months.

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Feb 12 '14 10:10

The BankGiro lottery will give €62.5 million to cultural institutions the Netherlands next year.

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Jan 24 '14 04:34

The Liberal party, VVD, announced Thursday the rules pertaining to donations have been tightened as of January 1st.

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Nov 19 '13 04:50

The national campaign for the Philippines has so far raised 18.5 million, according to the final score at the end of the television broadcast

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Sep 12 '13 04:04

Greenpeace further explained the controversial letter to the members about the donation increase, this Wednesday, in another letter.

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