Wilders fears prosecution over Moroccan diatribe

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Geert Wilders is seriously considering that he could be criminally prosecuted for his call for "fewer" Moroccans. The PVV-leader is now readying himself for any lawful action planned against him, and has already got lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops in his corner. 

De Telegraaf has obtained private emails between Wilders and another person, in which he seems to be preparing for a criminal process.

After thousands of reports filed against Wilders accusing him for discrimination, the PVV-leader has given orders to a co-worker to dig up some background on the two public prosecutors who are investigating whether Wilders has to be criminally prosecuted.

"Google them please. Want to know everything about them from now, the past, political affinity, membership hockey club, previous cases they have handled, mothers in law they have, the whole nine yards etc. etc. etc." the email writes.

According to sources close to the politician, Wilders was immediately concerned when he made the announcement that he wanted "fewer Moroccans" just before the municipal council elections on campaign day at the market of Loosduinen.

Afterwards, party-ideologist Martin Bosma is reported to have wanted to use the expression as a kind of party slogan on election evening. According to De Telegraaf, the public was instructed by a co-worker on that election evening that Wilders would ask the question whether they want more or fewer Moroccans, and to answer specifically "fewer".

A criminal court case is expensive, and especially with a lawyer like Knoops, who is a well-known criminal lawyer in war tribunals and in controversial murder cases. It is unclear how Wilders will pay for this. During his last case (2009-2011), in which he was accused of hate-breeding, the PVV-leader got donations from sympathizers and the American donor Daniel Pipes.

Sources from the PVV tell De Telegraaf that a large chunk of that donation was never paid to his then-lawyer Bram Moskowicz. According to the paper, Wilders realized during the proceedings that he had legal expenses insurance, which covered a large part of the costs. It is unclear what happened to the surplus donor money.

Wilders did not want to react to this news, De Telegraaf reports. Knoops remains silent as well.