VVD to be more transparent with donations

The Liberal party, VVD, announced Thursday the rules pertaining to donations have been tightened as of January 1st.

'The new set of rules fits in with the new course of the VVD of more transparency in integrity.

We think the integrity of the VVD and the VVD representatives of the people should be above any question,' said chairman Benk Korthals.

Candidates need to register any donations over 25 euros, the local boards have to approve donations over 1,000 euros, and donations over 4,500 euros have to be made public.

Coincidentally, shortly after the VVD announced the new rules, the news came out Minister Plasterk of Internal Affairs is working on a new law regarding the financing of political parties. The law dictates donations over 1,000 euros have to be made public.

The VVD has a substantial income from gifts and donations. In 2012 the party received almost 700,000 euros from its member, according to the year report. If the new law is approved, the VVD will adjust its rules accordingly.