christmas tree

Elephant at Artis zoo in Amsterdam
Jan 4 '19 12:30

The 21-meter-high Christmas tree currently standing on Amsterdam's Dam Square will be donated to the animals of Artis Zoo after it is taken down on January 8th. The largest piece, 6 meters of trunk including branches, will go to the elephants as a toy, reports.

The rest of the Nordmann fir will go to other animals in the zoo, including giraffes, kudus and camels. "For the animals such a tree is behavioral enrichment", a spokesperson for Artis said. "You keep the animals active and healthy by challenging them to show their natural behavior."

Stolen police car license plate found under a Christmas tree in Hardewijk, 27 Dec 2017
Dec 27 '17 13:10

The license plate was stolen from a police car in Hardewijk early on Wednesday morning. The police quickly found the perpetrator, as well as the stolen license plate - which was carefully placed under the thief's Christmas tree, community police officer Jelle van Heerikhuize reported on Twitter.

Dec 15 '15 14:15

The lights on the world's biggest Christmas "tree" - the Gerbrandy broadcast tower in IJsselstein - were lit by Mayor Patric van Domburg on Saturday.

Dec 7 '15 09:48

Hundreds of Dutch lined up at Ikea stores on Sunday to take advantage of their one-euro Christmas tree promotion. Some customers even waited in line for more than an hour

Nov 10 '14 11:47

The broadcast tower in IJsselstein will this year again be made up as a Christmas tree. The lights on the tower will be lit between December 13th and January 6th.

Dec 24 '13 04:35

People who opt to recycle their Christmas tree after the holidays may be richly rewarded in South and New-West Amsterdam. The districts raffle prizes among the residents who drop off their tree. Not every district is so generous though.

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