car fires

Jan 4 '17 12:35

A car parked at the Kronenburg shopping center in Arnhem went up in flames during the early hours of Friday morning. The police believe arson was involved and launched an investigation. This is the sixth car fire in Arnhem this week, the Gelderlander reports.

The fire was discovered around 3:00 a.m. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, but not much is left of the car.

Fire in an empty swimming pool building, set to be transformed into a mosque, on Multatulilaan in Culemborg, 28 Dec 2016
Dec 29 '16 13:40

Organization Muslim Youth Culemborg is as confused as everyone else about a possible motive for the b in the city on Wednesday night. The building was set to be turned into a mosque and a home base for young people in the Muslim community next year. "We never noticed in Culemborg people who are against the mosque", chairman Kamal Benmoghyt said to NOS.

Fire in an empty swimming pool building, set to be transformed into a mosque, on Multatulilaan in Culemborg, 28 Dec 2016
Dec 29 '16 07:33

Empty swimming pool building De Meer in Culemborg went up in flames on Wednesday night. The building on Multatulilaan was sold to Association Islamic community Culemborg, who planned to transform it into a mosque. Five cars also caught fire. According to the police, this is not a case of fire spreading from one place to another, a spokesperson said to ANP.

Oct 25 '16 08:39

Five cars went up in flames in a series of arsons committed within minutes in Amsterdam over night, RTL Nieuws reports.

The cars were set alight on Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht and Boomstraat. 

A Burgernet report was issued calling on Amsterdam residents to keep an eye out for "persons behaving suspiciously". 

The police are still looking for the perpetrator. 

Car Fire
Jun 7 '16 16:00

The police arrested six suspects in The Hague on Monday in connection with numerous car fires in the Molenwijk neighborhood in May this year. Arson was involved in all cases.

May 19 '16 08:26

Two vehicles went up in flames in Arnhem on Wednesday night. The police suspect arson in both cases

May 4 '16 09:23

Several cars were set on fire in Ede during the early hours of Wednesday morning - the latest incidents in several days of unrest in the Veldhuizen neighborhood. A group of between 50 and 60 young people, aged between 12 and 22 years, are believed to be responsible for the trouble.

Nov 11 '15 07:46

The police revealed information about the large number of arsons committed in Amsterdam-Noord this year in the hopes that tips from the public will help lead to an arrest. A massive 80 fires were set since January this year. Detectives believe that several arsonists may be active in the area.

asylum seekers
Oct 27 '15 13:12

The information meeting in Wormerland on sheltering asylum seekers will still happen on Tuesday night, despite GroenLinks chairman Harold Halweijn's cars being set on fire on Monday. The municipality and the police will organize extra security for the evening.

British Embassy fire in The Hague - 2015
Oct 27 '15 07:51

Two cars went up in flames in Oostknollendam, Noord-Holland on Monday night. Both cars belonged to Harold Halewijn, chairman of the GroenLinks faction in the Wormerland municipal council. As the cars were not parked right next to each other, it is very likely that arson was involved

Jan 21 '14 10:17

Nine youths were arrested by Utrecht police in connection with a series of car fires in the Hoograven district.

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