Asylum discussion continues with extra security after arson threat

The information meeting in Wormerland on sheltering asylum seekers will still happen on Tuesday  night, despite GroenLinks chairman Harold Halweijn's cars being set on fire on Monday. The municipality and the police will organize extra security for the evening.

Wormerland mayor Peter Tange stated that he regrets the arson incident very much. "It is a very serious matter that this happened to someone, and this we can not and will not accept in Wormerland", the Mayor said on the municipality's website.

The incident will not prevent the information evening from happening however. The purpose of the meeting remains unchanged. The meeting has be moved to a larger space, the fire station on Koetserstraat in Wormer, due to a large amount of interest.

The Wormerland municipal council unanimously adopted a motion to explore the possibilities the municipality has to offer for semi-permanent shelter to residency permit holders and asylum seekers. The council is also exploring the possibility of so-called 72 hour crisis emergency refugee shelter.

The purpose of Tuesday night's meeting is for the council to enter into dialogue with the  inhabitants and listen to ideas, tips and concerns about sheltering refugees in the municipality.