Feb 23 '16 14:25

On Sunday police arrested a suspect in connection with a brawl in a Breda nightclub on January 31st. The 28-year-old man from Terneuzen was identified based on video footage.

Feb 23 '16 07:56

Football lawyer Frank van Ardenne is advising the 326 Feyenoord supporters arrested before the match against Roda JC in Rotterdam on Sunday, not to pay the fines imposed on them. "He who pays the fine pleads guilty and gets a criminal record", the lawyer said

Feb 22 '16 13:50

A teenage girl was arrested in Rotterdam on Friday after she robbed a bus driver with a knife. The bus driver was injured in the arm.

Feb 22 '16 09:29

About 250 football supporters were arrested prior to the match between Feyenoord and Roda JC in Rotterdam on Sunday. According to the police, these supporters refused to follow instructions and used verbal and physical violence against stewards and police officers.

Missing Cole tourist
Feb 22 '16 09:05

The police arrested a 23 year old suspect in Rotterdam on Friday in connection with the case surrounding Richard Cole, the British tourist who drowned in Amsterdam on January 25th. The man is suspected of robbing Cole of his wallet shortly before he drowned. He is in custody for further investigation.

Feb 22 '16 07:52

Two people were arrested during an anti-asylum center protest organized by anti-Islam movement Pegida in Ede on Saturday. One of those arrested was Pegida frontman Edwin Wagensveld. He was wearing a hat in the form of a pig's head at the time

Police sign
Feb 18 '16 10:59

An undercover police operation in Schiedam ended in a shooting on Wednesday afternoon. One of the suspects were injured, according to the police.

Feb 17 '16 12:16

A 29 year old man was held hostage and tortured in an apartment building on Christiaan Huijgensstraat in Roosendaal on Tuesday afternoon. Two men were arrested in connection with this kidnapping.

Feb 16 '16 12:37

Four Dutch people were arrested in Spain after the police discovered three cannabis plantations in their rented accommodations. According to the Spanish police, the investigation into these Dutch suspects started in July last year, when Dutch authorities asked Spain for help to track down "two members of a gang" suspected of involvement with several murders in the Netherlands.

Feb 15 '16 08:30

Three video bloggers were arrested for arson in Leeuwarden on Friday after the set a caravan on fire for a video on their YouTube channel StukTV. A car was also badly damaged by the fire. The bloggers are from Beverwijk, Uden and Nieuwegein

Feb 12 '16 13:20

The Zuiderpark police made an unusual discovery during a routine traffic check on Thursday night. One man they pulled over had 10,960 erectile disfunction pills on him, the police announced on Facebook.

Feb 10 '16 09:52

A 55-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of involvement in the murder of the 65-year-old owner of the Rotterdam sex club Mon Cheri. A SWAT team arrested the man in his Rotterdam home, the police announced.

Feb 8 '16 10:56

A motorist caused chaos in Maastricht on Sunday evening when he drove into a crowd of Carnival celebrators. The police fired warning shot to stop the car.

Feb 8 '16 09:13

Twenty people were arrested during a demonstration by anti-Islam group Pegida in Amsterdam on Saturday. Several groups of counter-demonstrators were also present and most of the arrested people came from these groups

Feb 5 '16 08:03

Since the border security and patrols in the Netherlands were strengthened in September, the number of human trafficking arrests increased from an average of 14 per month to an average of 23 per month. A total of 80 suspects were arrested since September

new police uniform 1
Feb 5 '16 07:50

A 35 year old woman died in hospital after being stabbed in Amsterdam Noord on Thursday morning. One man was arrested.

Feb 4 '16 09:21

A German conductor was injured in a stabbing on the Landgraaf station on Tuesday evening. The conductor was transported to the hospital. One suspect was arrested.

Feb 2 '16 14:05

The police arrested a 70 year old shoplifter in a grocery store in Almelo on Friday night. This was the 31st time the elderly man was arrested for shoplifting

Feb 2 '16 13:40

Five undocumented migrants were found working on a cannabis plantation raided in Weert, Limburg last weeks. These undocumented workers include two Turks and three Ukrainians, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment announced.

Feb 2 '16 12:48

The police arrested two men from Geldermalsen on Monday in connection with the anti-asylum center riots in the city in December. A total of six current suspects are still at large.

Feb 2 '16 09:25

The police arrested six teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 years old in Dordrecht on Friday on suspicion of spreading child pornography. The six teenagers are also suspected of threats, violent robbery and abuse, the police announced on Facebook.

Jan 29 '16 10:43

Two women were arrested in in a home on Brieselaan in Rotterdam on Tuesday after the police discovered a large quantity of drug-related items, two large blocks of heroin, a firearm and ammunition in the home.

Jan 29 '16 08:47

The Technical Management supervisor of the University of Groningen was one of eight people arrested in a large scale fraud and money laundering investigation, a spokesperson for the university confirmed

Breda men kidnapped
Jan 27 '16 10:50

The police arrested a 50 year old man from Chaam on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of Rien de Koning and Gino Heeren in Breda end December. The suspect's house was searched and the police believe that more arrests will follow.


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