Oct 12 '15 15:37

A total of ten people were arrested in Utrecht on Sunday after a demonstration organized by anti-Islam movement Pegida Nederland got out of hand. All but one of these suspects have since been released.

Police sign
Oct 12 '15 11:16

A man was held hostage for several hours in Roermond on Sunday after being forced into a car on Stationsplein around 4:30 p.m. The police have arrested three suspects on suspicion of deprivation of freedom.

Oct 12 '15 09:59

Suspected jihadist Mohammed G. from Maastricht was again arrested in his hometown on Friday for trying to join terrorist organization Islamic State in Syria or Iraq.

Compressed cocaine
Oct 8 '15 09:21

Nine arrests have been made in connection with more than 500 kilograms of cocaine and 1 million euros in cash. Belgian media has reported that two of the main suspects, Jimmy H. and Abdelilah EM., have been arrested at the port of Antwerp where they helped to collect the drugs.

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Sep 18 '15 15:34

Three men were arrested after a fire in a drug lab in Son en Breugel on Friday afternoon.

Sep 18 '15 14:24

A police officer had to draw his gun on a 43 year old man in Terneuzen just after midnight on Friday after the man threatened the officer with a crowbar.

Sep 18 '15 13:51

The suspicious passenger who caused the evacuation of a Thalys train and the closure of Rotterdam Central Station on Friday morning, was unarmed. So far the police have not found any weapons. What exactly the man's intentions were is unclear, but there is speculation that he was simply a ticketless passenger.

Sep 18 '15 13:11

Two Syrian men have been arrested in Eindhoven on suspicion of large-scale human trafficking to the Netherlands. The marechaussee, a policing force working as a branch of the military, believe that the suspects smuggled hundreds of refugees into the country from Greece, Austria and Hungary.

Sep 17 '15 11:08

The police arrested two men from Amersfoort on Monday on the suspicion that they spread so-called ransomware to tens of thousands of computers world wide.

Sep 16 '15 10:48

A 15 year old girl from Sittard has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a criminal organization with terrorist intent. The teenager is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.

No image available
Sep 16 '15 08:42

One man was killed in what the police believe to be an armed robbery in a home on Betuwestraat in Tilburg on Tuesday afternoon. Two armed robbers are still at large.

No image available
Sep 14 '15 14:27

An accident with a drunk driver during the early hours of Sunday morning has left a 23 year old man dead and his 18 year old sister critically injured.

Ajax Club
Sep 11 '15 14:30

Ajax football players had their training interrupted on Friday morning when the police arrested a robber just outside the training pitch, after fishing him out of the dike.

Sep 11 '15 14:16

The police arrested a shoplifter who has the police "on his heels" in Charlois, Rotterdam on Thursday night.

No image available
Sep 11 '15 13:48

The Amsterdam police raided a cafe on the corner of Hoofweg and Jan van Galenstraat in West on Wednesday night in connection with the investigation into the gang-related assassinations in the city. Four of the 24 people present were arrested.

Sep 11 '15 12:59

A man was arrested on Saturday after a raid on a roti company in the Westelijk Havengebied in Amsterdam revealed that he was exploiting undocumented Indian migrants.

Sep 10 '15 14:37

A 47 year old man from Groningen was arrested on Wednesday in connection with an armed robbery at a casino in Hilvarenbeek on August 24th.

Sep 10 '15 11:27

Two men were arrested in a parking lot Waalre on Tuesday afternoon after the police discovered 200 thousand euros in counterfeit bills in the trunk of their car.

Sep 8 '15 15:29

A mother was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after she attacked a teacher of the Jan Hekman school in Oudekerk aan de Amstel. The incident happened after a school trip on Thursday last week.

Sep 8 '15 14:29

Three suspects have been arrested in a case involving extortion, blackmail and pedophilia. A man from Helmond was lured to a house in Roermond with the promise of sex with two young girls, aged 13 and 14 years. Once there three other adults forced him to pay 40 thousand euros.

Police sign
Sep 4 '15 14:28

The suspect sought by the police for drugging and robbing his date in Amsterdam in June, has turned himself in. The man reported himself to the police station, bringing the victim's laptop with him

Sep 2 '15 16:09

Two members of motorcycle gang Satudarah was arrested on Tuesday as part of an joint intensified approach between the police and government in the fight against organized crime in Zuid-Nederland. A amphetamine laboratory was also discovered and dismantled.

Sep 2 '15 15:31

The police have confirmed that the suspect arrested in connection with the three bodies found in Veghel on Tuesday is a 17 year old boy, the family's son. He is suspected of killing his mother, sister and grandmother.

Sep 2 '15 15:08

The police have had a breakthrough in the case surrounding the woman's body that was found in a suitcase in Maastricht on Friday. The victim has been identified and her husband - a 53 year old man from Aachen, Germany - was arrested on Tuesday night as prime suspect in her death.


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