Dutch caught smuggling crystal meth to Ibiza

Two Dutch men were caught trying to smuggle 15 kilograms of raw materials for crystal meth to the Spanish island of Ibiza. They were arrested. The Spanish police released a video of the drug bust.

The two 25-year-old men were caught trying to board the ferry in the Spanish coastal city of Denia, RTL Nieuws reports. The chemicals were found hidden in the trunk of their car. Enough chemicals were found to make 1.5 million shots of crystal meth. If the Dutch men managed to get the drugs onto Ibiza, they could have earned more than 400 thousand euros with it. The two men are in custody in Denia

Crystal meth is a very addictive methamphetamine. Taking the drug causes hours of extreme euphoria and self confidence, though it comes with a number of dangerous side effects. According to UNODC, the UN organization against drug crime, the popularity of crystal meth is growing rapidly, especially in popular holiday destinations.