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Dec 25 '15 14:40

The police arrested another 13 suspects in connection with the brawl in a Breda parking garage early on Christmas morning. Five people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds, but none of them had to stay in the hospital after treatment.

Dec 25 '15 09:00

A brawl in a parking garage in Breda early on Christmas morning left five people wounded and two arrested. According to the police, sharp objects were used in the fight and the wounded were taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

Dec 23 '15 14:15

A 36 year old Hungarian truck driver was arrested in Venlo on Tuesday after seven Iraqi stowaways was found hiding in his truck, the Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force working as part of the military - announced on Wednesday.

Dec 21 '15 13:40

The police arrested a 54 year old man and a 41 year old woman from Roosendaal with a car containing 250 cans of baby formula powder at the Westerschelde tunnel toll plaza in Borsesele on Saturday night.

Officers first noticed the heavily loaded car driving through the Westerschelde tunnel towards Zuid-Beveland around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. The car was pulled over at the toll plaza and officers found the 250 cans of baby formula. The man and woman in the car claimed that they bought the formula, but could not show receipts.

Dec 21 '15 10:43

Ajax football player Kenny Tete was recently arrested for his involvement in a brawl in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. He will be prosecuted, the Public Prosecutor confirmed

Dec 21 '15 07:50

American journalist Kevin P. Roberson is considering legal action against the police for his hard-handed arrest during the Pegida demonstration in Rotterdam on Saturday. He was also assaulted by three officers at the IJsselmonde police station, he said to AFRO Magazine.

Dec 18 '15 13:25

The police fished a wet suit wearing Rotterdam man out of the waters in the Waalhaven around 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

Dec 18 '15 12:40

The Amsterdam police arrested a 32-year-old man on December 1st in connection with the assassination of a 26-year-old Amsterdammer during the Waterfront dance party in the Scheepvaartmuseum in 2013, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday.

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Dec 17 '15 15:30

The police found a box which they believe may contain the remains of a long-time missing elderly woman in her home in Oirsbeek on Thursday. The woman's son, who was living in the home, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance.

Dec 17 '15 11:13

The police raided several locations in Hoorn, Zwaag and Oosterblokker on Thursday morning in connection with a "financial investigation". Well-known criminal Nico V. was arrested in one of these raids, the Telegraaf reports based on confidential sources.

Dec 17 '15 08:44

The police arrested 14 people in Geldermalsen on Wednesday night after the debate about a possible asylum center in the Gelderland town turned to riots. Protesters tried to storm the town hall where the municipal council were discussing taking in 1,500 asylum seekers.

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Dec 16 '15 11:13

The police arrested two young boys in Amsterdam on Tuesday on suspicion of trying to mug a 91-year-old woman. The boys are 10 and 12 years old.

Dec 16 '15 10:47

A street newspaper seller in Rotterdam managed to overpower a jewelry store robber on Tuesday afternoon.

Dec 14 '15 08:42

A 39 year old Belgian man was arrested on the A50 near Landerd on Saturday night after the police found dozens of debit cards and more than 1,200 Viagra pills in his car.

Dec 14 '15 08:29

A motorcycle officer fired one shot at a motorist who crashed into his bike at high speed in Leeuwarden around 1:15 a.m. on Sunday morning. The officer was able to jump away and escaped the incident unharmed.

Dec 11 '15 13:25

The body of a man was discovered on a footpath in the recreation area Geestmerambacht in Alkmaar on Friday morning. A witness told RTV Noord-Holland that the body has no limbs. Three people were arrested.

Dec 11 '15 13:00

The police arrested the resident of the Rotterdam apartment that blew up on Thursday morning. The 52 year old Rotterdam man is suspected of arson.

No Surrender
Dec 11 '15 12:35

A member of motorcycle club No Surrender was arrested on Thursday evening on his way to deliver Christmas trees to the food bank in Vlaardingen. In addition to the Christmas trees, the 43-year-old man was also in the possession of 37 packets of hard drugs and ecstasy pills.

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Dec 11 '15 12:10

The police arrested another two suspects this week on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Lucas Boom. The suspects are two men from Amsterdam, aged 26 and 33, and will be arraigned on Friday

Dec 11 '15 11:45

Three armed and masked men robbed a casino in the Zeeland town Burgh-Haamstede on Thursday night. They threatened two customers and staff members and took off with the customers' possessions and an amount of the casino's money. The suspects were arrested in Rotterdam a few hours later.

Dec 10 '15 13:00

The police arrested a 67 year old man from Finsterwolde on Thursday on suspicion that he made bomb threats to two sex clubs in Waterhuizen and Kropswolde.

Police sign
Dec 10 '15 12:03

The Amsterdam police arrested a 47 year old man from Leidschendam last week in connection with the disappearance of Deborah Rosiek from Amsterdam in 2003. The police call the arrest a "possible breakthrough" in the case.

Dec 9 '15 07:44

A stabbing incident at the Amsterdam psychiatric clinic Inforsa on Tuesday left five employees wounded. One patient was arrested

Dec 7 '15 10:23

The Koninklijke Marechaussee, a police force working as part of the military, discovered a total of 19 undocumented migrants hiding on a ferry set to depart from Hoek van Holland to Harwich in England on Saturday.


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