Anna paulowna

Jul 12 '19 14:30

A weak and seriously neglected lion offered for sale at a market in Baghdad, Iraq early this year, is getting a second chance in the Netherlands. Thanks to the intervention of two Dutch persons, and after months of negotiations, lion Simba is heading to the lion sanctuary in Anna Paulowna, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Baby saved from train tracks at Anna Paulowna station, 30 April 2019
May 1 '19 07:40

A baby was saved from the train tracks at the Anna Paulowna station in Noord-Holland after it somehow fell between a platform and a train. The train conductor managed to collect the baby from the narrow space while an engineer flagged down two police officers on duty in a squad car at the station, police said on Instagram.

“Immediately [we] jumped out of the car and went there,” one officer said. By the time the police arrived at the platform, the young child had been saved. Paramedics were also dispatched to the scene around 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police officer at a train station
Feb 25 '19 08:04

Multiple suspects were arrested for violent incidents on trains in Anna Paulowna, Castricum and Roosendaal on Saturday. A train driver and a conductor were assaulted and another conductor was threatened with a knife, reports.

Lion cub Remy, 13 Oct 2018
Nov 5 '18 11:20

Remy, a lion cub found dumped in a meadow near Tienhoven last month, is doing really well, according to the foundation that is looking after him. After spending a month in quarantine and getting all his vaccinations, Remy will be moving into his own habitat on Wednesday, Stichting Leeuw said on Facebook.

"He is growing like a reed and is very stubborn and playful", the foundation, based in Anna Paulowna, said.

Sep 3 '18 10:50

Three teenage boys were killed when the car they were in hit a streetlight on Sportlaan in the Noord-Holland town of Anna Paulowna during the early hours of Saturday morning. The boys, two age 16 and one age 15, were all from the town. A 17-year-old girl from Anna Paulowna and a 20-year-old man from Oudesluis were injured. The man from Oudesluis was later arrested as a suspect, the police said.

Mar 12 '15 13:04

The abused lion Omar was allowed to explore his new home in Anna Paulowna in Noord-Holland for the first time on Tuesday. Omar was rescued by Stichting Leeuw early this month and brought to the Netherlands from Slovakia, where he lived under very miserable conditions.

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