Video: Dumped lion cub ready to leave quarantine

Lion cub Remy, 13 Oct 2018
Lion cub Remy, 13 Oct 2018. (Photo: Stichting Leeuw / Facebook)

Remy, a near Tienhoven last month, is doing really well, according to the foundation that is looking after him. After spending a month in quarantine and getting all his vaccinations, will be moving into his own habitat on Wednesday, Stichting Leeuw said on Facebook.

"He is growing like a reed and is very stubborn and playful", the foundation, based in Anna Paulowna, said.

The lions in the foundation's care can be viewed at their residence on Landgoed Hoenderdaell, but it will still be a while before Remy can meet the public. "Obviously Remy has to get used to his new environment after the move, so it may take a few more weeks before he can be seen outside."

Update Remy.

A.s. woensdag is het tijd voor Remy om te verhuizen naar zijn eigen verblijf. Zijn quarantaine periode is dan klaar en hij heeft al zijn benodigde entingen gehad. Hij groeit als kool en is lekker eigenwijs en speels.
Uiteraard moet Remy na de verhuizing nog wennen aan zijn nieuwe omgeving dus het kan nog wel een paar weekjes duren voor Remy buiten te zien zal zijn.

Update on Remy

This Wednesday, Remy will be moved to his own enclosure as his quarantine period will be over and he will have had all the necessary shots. He's growing like you wouldn't believe and he's a sassy, playful little big cat. Naturally, Remy will have to get used to his new surroundings after the move, so it might take a few weeks before he can be admired in his outdoor enclosure.

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