Amsterdam Gay Pride

Queers Amsterdam
Aug 2 '19 17:45

“It hurts me tremendously that we are losing part of our gay history; our community isn’t really up to speed in keeping our gay history alive,” said Dusty, a drag queen in Amsterdam. “We live it, we breathe it, but we never document it.”

She lamented that the young gay men don’t know much about the iconic spots in Amsterdam that made the gay scene what it is today.

Jun 28 '19 10:20

Pride Amsterdam will be officially added to the Intangible Heritage Inventory of the Netherlands as an essential part of Dutch cultural heritage this year, the Knowledge Center for Intangible Heritage announced on Thursday. The addition ceremony will take place on the Museumplein in Amsterdam during the Pride Walk, the annual activist march from the gay monument to Vondelpark on the first day of Amsterdam Pride on July 27th, AD reports.

Enforcement officer in Amsterdam, 7 May 2017
May 15 '19 12:50

Enforcement officers are planning more protest actions in their long ongoing campaign to be armed with batons and pepper spray, to defend themselves against the violence they face during the course of their duties, enforcers' union NBB said to Nieuwsuur. 

Gay Pride Amsterdam
Jul 7 '17 09:51

From now on Amsterdam will always personally invite people victimized due to their sexual orientation in the city to the Gay Pride celebrations. Mayor Eberhard van der Laan wants to make clear to these victims that the Dutch capital firmly disapproves of what happened to them and that people of all sexual orientations are always welcome in Amsterdam, Het Parool reports. 

Jul 29 '16 15:20

On Friday the Van Gogh in Amsterdam revealed a 3D artwork painted on its doorstep especially for Europride, which is currently being held in Amsterdam. With a 3D chalk drawing of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz, the museum wants to show support for the LGBT community

May 10 '16 15:30

Austrian Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was named one of the ambassadors for Europide, the special edition of Amsterdam Gay Pride. She will be the face of the Europride campaign and also perform several times during the event, the organization announced on Monday

Aug 7 '15 14:09

Residents of the Prinsengracht have written a letter to Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan requesting that the annual Gay Pride canal parade be moved to Amstel next year. They are tired of the noise and pollution the parade brings with it.

Aug 3 '15 16:28

Amsterdam is a top candidate to be the host city of EuroPride 2016 - the European wide gay pride festival. The Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade took place on Saturday, with 80 boats participating. The municipality called the event the "most visited in years", and in certain places the police even had to tell people to go somewhere else to watch the parade because it was too busy.

Gay Pride Amsterdam
Jul 31 '15 14:22

With the Amsterdam Gay Pride boat parade happening tomorrow, the police are once again warning visitors to be careful of pickpockets and to protect their mobile phones.

Jul 27 '15 15:42

The Amsterdam police are teaming up with an international team to fight against pickpocketing during the Gay Pride this weekend. As pickpockets often have different nationalities and operate in several countries, the international team will help the police quickly determine whether a suspect was previously active as a pickpocket

Jul 29 '14 13:51

In Amsterdam, violence against homosexuals has increased over the last year. According to the police, there were 189 reported incidents, that are related to the victim's sexual orientation. Simultaneously, the police say that homosexual individuals are generally more prepared to report hate crimes now than they were before.

Dec 17 '13 12:55

Rotterdam has decided not to punish the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival for statements made by the group's namesake linking homosexuals and pedophiles. On Sunday, the largest party on the city council, PvdA, demanded conductor Valery Gergiev's resignation for his September comments.

Jul 30 '13 09:52

Ex-national team and Ipswich Town footballer Martjin Reuser announced that he will appear at the Amsterdam Pride next weekend, alongside other well-known Dutch football players.

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