Van Gogh museum gets yellow brick road for Europride

The Van Gogh Museum celebrates Europride with a 3D chalk drawing of the Yellow Brick Road (Photo: @vangoghmuseum/Twitter)The Van Gogh Museum celebrates Europride with a 3D chalk drawing of the Yellow Brick Road (Photo: @vangoghmuseum/Twitter)

On Friday the Van Gogh in Amsterdam revealed a 3D artwork painted on its doorstep especially for Europride, which is currently being held in Amsterdam. With a 3D chalk drawing of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz, the museum wants to show support for the LGBT community, NOS reports.

Siep de Haan, founder of Amsterdam Gay Pride, is delighted by the initiative. "I think it is a great initiative of the museum", he said to broadcaster NOS at the unveiling. "We find it very important that these initiatives get attention and certainly also from the arts and culture. Especially for the homosexuals who find the boat parade somewhat outgoing, but art and culture a great form. A steppingstone for discussion, a steppingstone for talks on emancipation."

The Yellow Brick Road was chosen because of the symbolic value The Wizard of Oz (1939) has for the LGBT community. The film is filled with gay themes and protagonist Judy Garland was an icon for the community. At some point the question "Are you a friend of Dorothy" was even a way to determine whether someone was gay.

"Protagonist Dorothy was looking for a better world, and the gay community is also looking for one in this time of tension." De Haan said to NOS. "The film is about the road to freedom and tolerance for everyone Dorothy met along the way."

The Van Gogh Museum thinks it important to make a statement. "We want to connect or museum to Europride and inspire our visitors. Yellow is the color of hope and also the color of sunflowers", director Axel Ruger commented to the broadcaster. "We want to make the statement that the freedom and tolerance we find self evident, is still a great thing. With that we hope to provide through our visitors from around the world, especially in these times of violence and resistance, inspiration to the rest of the world."

According to the broadcaster, the drawing was made with waterproof materials to ensure that it stands strong throughout the whole Europride.