Nov 23 '17 09:02

Dutch newspaper AD and a number of Dutch celebrities are calling for a 'Sinterklaas truce'. The newspaper wants to make a deal - no debating about the form of the Sinterklaas party or the appearance of Zwarte Piet as long as Sinterklaas is in the Netherlands - and a number of well known Dutch expressed similar sentiments .

Jun 15 '16 08:49

Dutch newspaper AD took a firm stance against the Brits leaving the European Union with a full front page dedicated to the Brexit. The entire front page is covered in the Union Jack with the words: "Dot leave me this way".

May 13 '16 12:25

A newspaper deliver was critically injured in a stabbing in Rotterdam-West on Friday morning. The woman was found lying next to her bicycle, covered in blood

Dec 24 '14 12:26

The court in Amsterdam decided on Tuesday that Trouw newspaper was justified in dismissing journalist Perdiep Ramesar. Ramesar was fired when Trouw discovered that some of his sources were untraceable. Ramesar fought his dismissal with a lawsuit.

Dec 23 '14 14:33

As a "precaution" AD will remove all articles written by Perdiep Ramesar from their own archives, said editor Christiaan Reusink. They will be removed from the website and from other archives.

Oct 14 '14 09:50

The morning newspapers were not kind to the Dutch team after the 2-0 defeat in Reykjavik on Tuesday.

Utrecht Meteorite
Aug 22 '14 08:18

The meteorite stolen from the astronomy museum Sonnenborgh has been recovered. Two tennis players from Utrecht discovered the space rock that came down in Serooskerke while looking for a ball hit out of the court, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Aug 7 '14 10:10

De Telegraaf newspaper today contains a full-page ad with calls from several well-known Dutch people to end the rising anti-Semitism in The Netherlands. On the back of the newspaper, in large black lettering is written: "No excuse for anti-Semitism."

border control
Jul 7 '14 08:28

Mayors of eight Dutch and three Belgian cities are going to come together on Tuesday evening for a summit about jihad fighters after the report that threats of a rising number of returned fighters on European soil warned of possible attacks in the future, the AD reports.

Philip Morris
Apr 7 '14 08:50

A few days before the mass-axing of more than 1,200 employees at the Philip Morris cigarette factory in Bergen op Zoom, the company organized a party for the workers, the AD reports.

Karina Hagafiona Monica with Kim Holland, Netherlands porn actress/producer
Mar 7 '14 14:55

InHolland student from The Hague Karina Hagafiona Monica (24) planned to do a porn internship with pornography producer Kim Holland, but the vocational university didn't allow it. Now Kim Holland is fighting to keep her intern.

Mar 5 '14 12:31

Two prominent members of the Baptist Church in The Hague are suspected of having embezzled €650,000 from the church fund, the AD reports.

Parking ticket
Feb 24 '14 08:55

People who really can't pay their traffic fines, no longer have to go into a cel if it is up to the lower regional court judges.

Feb 13 '14 09:11

police suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than was previously expected.

Feb 12 '14 08:40

Children at the Verhoeff-Rollmannschool in Bodegraven aren't allowed to play chase anymore after a safety probe has deemed it too dangerous.

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