Dutch celebrities, newspaper call for 'Sinterklaas truce'

Dutch newspaper AD and a number of Dutch celebrities are calling for a 'Sinterklaas truce'. The newspaper wants to make a deal - no debating about the form of the Sinterklaas party or the appearance of Zwarte Piet as long as Sinterklaas is in the Netherlands - and a number of well known Dutch expressed similar sentiments in the newspaper.

"Can we agree together not to bombard each other from the moment that Sint puts his foot on Dutch soil until the day after his departure? That is all we ask: a Sinterklaas truce", AD editor in chief Hans Nijenhuis wrote in the newspaper. AD also quotes a number of celebrities calling for the same.

"We all want the magic of 5 December for the children. You can express your opinion in the Netherlands without disrupting the party or destroying someone else's stuff", said Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

"Of course we must have the discussion. Children should learn more about slavery, but then throughout the year. Not now. These weeks no discussion, but celebration", said presenter Tijl Beckand.

"The discussion about the appearance of Zwarte Piet must continue, but in conference rooms where children do not suffer from it. They must enjoy the party", said vlogger Braboneger, real name Steven Bruswijk. He adds that the discussion is very necessary, "but then were children are not."

"Certainly we have to put aside the discussion about Zwarte Piet in favor of the children. It is horrifying that the party is so tainted by it", said Bram van der Vlught, who played the role of Sinterklaas on national television for years.