Murdered Rotterdam teen reported ex to police 4 times: report

Essenburgstraat in Rotterdam
File photo of Essenburgstraat in Politie

Humeyra, a 16-year-old girl who was shot and killed at her school in Rotterdam in December, reported her ex-boyfriend to the police on four separate occasions, filing charges of assault, stalking and threats against him. For eight months she lived in fear of Bekir E., her ex-boyfriend who is now suspected of killing her, RTL Nieuws reports based on the police reports the girl filed. 

The girl went to the police station to report E. on May 8th, May 30th,  June 1st and December 11th. On December 18th she had her fifth appointment at the police station, but she was shot and killed an hour before the appointment was scheduled. E. was arrested shortly after the shooting and is still in custody. He confessed to shooting Humeyra.

Humeyra filed her first report against E. on May 8th. She was walking down the street when Bekir E. stopped his car next to her and shouted "Why are you leaving me?", the report states. He threatened her and told her that if she does not get into the car, he will hit her. She gets into the car, where E. threw alcohol over her. The whole ride felt like a kidnapping, she was terrified, she said. Eventually she was allowed to get out and walk home.

On another day, the report shows, she went to E.'s home to pick up the last of her things after the break up. He let her in and immediately started screaming at her and threatening her. "I was so scared, I wanted to flee", Humeyra told the police officer recording the report, according to RTL. "He grabbed my head and hit me against the wall three times. He tried to strangle me. Then I blacked out, because I don't remember what happened then." When she woke up, she wasn't wearing her blouse or hear headscarf. E. apologized and called a taxi to take her home. 

On May 30th, Humeyra went back to the police to report that E. was stalking her. He contacted her friends multiple times through various channels. To her he kept sending messages like "I can't live without you", "I'm going to commit suicide", and "I'm coming back to you. I have a plan, call me. Withdraw your charges". She told him no and to leave her alone. He then started posting photos of Humeyra on public Facebook pages and groups. Humeyra also got 44 calls from an anonymous number.

The next day, Humeyra is back at the police station. E. is still messaging her. And a photo of her was posted on a public Facebook page with tens of thousands of members. Facebook removed the post, but E. simply posted it in another group. 

At this point Humeyra and her family decided that she needed a break and she went on a long holiday to Turkey, leaving her phone at home. But shortly after her return, she is back at the police station.

She tried to pick up her life again, getting a new job in the hospitality industry, she told the police on December 11th. At work, she was eating something during her break when the phone rang. Her colleague told her it was her brother on the phone, but it was E. "What are you eating, whore?" he said to her. Terrified, Humeyra hung up the phone. He called back 5 minutes later. Though ashamed, the terrified girl told her colleagues about what was going on and then lost her job, she said to the police. In the same report, Humeyra also told the police that E. sent her cousin a photo showing him holding firearms. "I feel threatened", she said to the police. "My father takes me to school and picks me up again. I can't concentrate on school, I'm in my exam year."

The police asked her to come back on December 18th, according to RTL. But an hour before the appointment could happen, E. showed up at her school and shot her multiple times. Humeyra died at the scene.