Suspect confesses to killing teen girl at Rotterdam school

Essenburgstraat in Rotterdam
File photo of Essenburgstraat in Rotterdam.. (photo: Politie)

Bekir E., the man suspected of murdering Humeyra Oz at her school in Rotterdam, confessed to shooting and killing the 16-year-old girl. According to his lawyers, he regrets what he did. "It is terrible, I had no right to do this to Humeyra and her family", E. said in a statement.

The 31-year-old man, Humeyra's ex, did not say why he tracked her down at the Rotterdam Designcollege and shot her. The Public Prosecutor wants his mental condition to be examined in the Pieter Baan Center. The suspect agreed to cooperate with the examination, according to NOS. E. will likely appear in court for the first time in early April.

The 16-year-old girl was  by her on December 18th. E. stalked and threatened her for 15 months before finally killing her, her sisters previously told newspaper AD. Humeyra , and a restraining order was issued against E., but he did not seem impressed by it. She had an appointment to meet with the police on the day of her death, but was killed 45 minutes before the meeting could happen. 

In addition to E., there are . One of them was released from custody recently, but remains a suspect. The other was previously released, but the court later . After a short search, he was arrested again. The men were in the car with E. shortly before the murder. They are suspected of involvement in Humeyra's death.