Murdered teen girl reported to police that suspect was threatening her: report

Essenburgstraat in Rotterdam
File photo of Essenburgstraat in Politie

A 16-year-old girl shot dead at her school in Rotterdam on Tuesday reported to the police that the man suspected of killing her was threatening her. Humeyra Oz went to the police with a photo 31-year-old Bekir E. sent her, showing the man posing with two firearms, sources around the investigation told the Telegraaf.

According to the newspaper, E. shot Humeyra with one of the guns in the photo. The police immediately launched an investigation following the report, and arranged to check in with the girl again. But 45 minutes before that could happen, she was shot and killed at the Designcollege in Rotterdam. 

People who knew Humeyra told the newspaper that E. had been harassing and stalking her for two years, and that a restraining order was issued against him.

Humeyra was gunned down in the indoor bicycle storage of her school at around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday. E. was arrested a short time later. 

According to newspaper AD, E. regularly spread false stories about Humeyra on Facebook using a fake account under the name Db Leone. Among other things, he accused the girl of shoplifting and warned others to keep an eye out for her. The post included all kinds of personal information about the girl, including her school and where she lived, though her name was spelled wrong by one letter. The Db Leone Facebook account features photos also on E.'s own account, including one of him posing on a motorcycle and one of him with a dog, according to the newspaper. 

The administrators of Facebook group Turken Bijeen told AD that E. repeatedly posted nasty messages about Humeyra, which they then removed again to his dissatisfaction. Humeyra was also active in this group.

The police said that E. and Humeyra knew each other, but weren't family. E. repeatedly said that he was the 16-year-old girl's ex boyfriend, according to AD. He has a tattoo of a woman's face on his hand. According to AD, multiple people believe this is the victim's face. 

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam visited the Designcollege on Wednesday to speak with pupils about Humeyra's death.