Suspect in Amsterdam restaurant murder arrested in Prague

Caba D., the Hungarian-Serbian man suspected of assassinating 62-year-old Ivan Serdarusic in a restaurant in Amsterdam in July last year, was arrested by a special police team in Prague on Friday, the Dutch police announced in a statement. 

Serdarusic was gunned down in an Italian restaurant on Beethovenstraat on July 30th. D. entered the restaurant on Beethovenstraat dressed as a lost tourist and shot his victim in the head. D.'s face is clearly visible on surveillance camera footage and traces of his DNA were also found at the scene. Serdarusic died in hospital after the shooting. 

On February 19th the police placed D. on the national wanted list, also releasing his photo. In addition to Serdarusic's assassination, D. is also wanted for two murders in Budapest in September last year, and one in Belgrade in January this year. 

In the coming period the Czech Public Prosecutor will test the European arrest warrant issued for D. The countries in which he is wanted will also consult on his extradition, the police said.