Victim in Amsterdam restaurant shooting dies

Dutch police crime scene tape
Dutch police crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

A man shot in a restaurant on Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon, succumbed to his injuries overnight, the police confirmed. The victim is a 62-year-old man from Amsterdam, who had a criminal record, reports.

The gunman shot the victim inside Ferilli's Caffe and then fled. On his escape route, the police found a beige hat, a firearm, a black laptop bag, a glove and a white and blue garment. All these items were confiscated for investigation.

The police believe the perpetrator fled via Jan van Eijckstraat, Albrecht Dürerstraat, Gerrit van der Veenstraat and Memlingstraan. The police used sniffer dogs to search for the perpetrator, but the dog lost his scent at Memlingstraat. 

Witnesses told Het Parool that the victim was shot in the presence of a baby. According to the police, there was a company with a baby on the restaurant's terrace during the shooting, but the victim was not part of this group. They were sitting outside. The shooting happened inside.