Footage released of suspect in Amsterdam restaurant shooting

Suspect wanted for fatal shooting on Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam, 30 July 2018
Suspect wanted for fatal shooting on Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam, 30 July 2018. (Photo: Politie)

The police released surveillance camera footage of the suspected gunman in a fatal shooting in a restaurant on Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam late last month. 

The shooting happened at around 2:50 p.m. on July 30th. The gunman walked into the restaurant, shot at a 62-year-old man from Amsterdam, and then fled. The victim died in hospital.

The police believe that the suspect entered the Netherlands via Schiphol Airport on July 8th, and may have left the country through the same airport after the shooting. It looks like he was staying in Amsterdam city center between July 8th and the shooting, the police said.

The released camera footage show the suspect before and after the shooting. Before the shooting he was wearing a beige hat, black sunglasses, a printed shirt, light three-quarters pants, and black shoes. He was also carrying a black laptop bag. After the shooting, the suspect was filmed wearing white shorts, a white t-shirt, black shoes and a gold chain. Around half an hour after the shooting the man was again filmed on the Rokin. This time he wore a red hat and a yellow/green t-shirt.

He is around 1.65 meters tall and has a broad, muscled stature. "Especially his muscled upper arms stand out", the police said. He has sun-tanned skin and a shaved head. 

According to Het Parool, the victim in this shooting is Ivan Serdarusic. He belonged to a Croatian criminal gang, many of whom's members have been killed.