Stints can only be allowed back on the road after adjustments

One version of a Stint cargo vehicle made to carry multiple children. 12 April 2018.Tulp8 / Wikimedia Commons

Stint electric cargo bikes are not safe enough for passenger transport, TNO concluded after studying the electric bikes. According to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management, this means that Stints will only be allowed back on the road after adjustments have been made to the vehicle, NOS reports.

The Minister banned Stints from public roads following a fatal accident in Oss involving a Stint and a train. A childminder was taking five children to primary school on September 20th when they were hit by a train on a railway crossing on Braakstraat. Four children were killed. The fifth child and childminder were seriously injured. The injured girl and two of the other young victims were sisters. 

The preliminary results of a Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate investigation into the electric cargo bikes revealed that technical issues may cause the Stint to stop suddenly, or be unable to brake. The Inspectorate also found that the manufacturer made changes to the vehicle without the Ministry being aware of it. This was enough reason for the Minister to ban the vehicles from the road

On Wednesday the police seized administration at the Stint head office in Bilthoven and raided the home of owner Edwin Renzen, RTL Nieuws reports. The police and Public Prosecutor investigation into the accident is expected to take several months yet to complete. Wednesday's raids were necessary to get more information, the Public Prosecutor said. "We must carefully assess whether a criminal charge can be made in the drama of 20 September."

The police already spoke to the childminder who drove the Stint on the day of the accident and countless witnesses in an attempt to create an image of exactly what happened. At this stage no conclusions can be drawn from this, the Prosecutor said. The Netherlands Forensic Institute will carry out a technical investigation on the Stint involved in the accident.