Train hits trike in Oss; four kids killed


Four children were killed in a collision between a train and a trike on a guarded rail crossing near the Oss-West station in Oss on Thursday morning. Another child and an adult were seriously injured. The trike belonged to a local daycare, witnesses told newspaper AD.

The accident happened at around 8:25 a.m. on Braakstraat in the Brabant town. Emergency services are at the scene in large numbers, including two trauma helicopters. The situation was scaled up to Grip 2, which is used in incidents that have a definite effect on the surrounding area. A single command is established and the mayor of the municipality was informed. 

At this stage nothing is known about the circumstances of the accident. Train traffic between Nijmegen and Den Bosch is halted. Buses were deployed on that route. The fire department closed the scene off with screens. The police are taking aerial photographs of the scene from a helicopter.

NS said it is devastated by the accident. "We have no further details and are being kept up to date by the police. This is really a terrible accident", a spokesperson said to AD. Rail manager ProRail spoke of a dark day. "This is really very terrible", a spokesperson said to the newspaper. ProRail will investigate the accident.