Appeal on Anne Faber murder case to start next month

The appeal in the case against Michael P. for the rape and death of Anne Faber will start in the court of Arnhem on November 29th. This will be a so-called directing session - the case will not yet be dealt with in substance. During this hearing P.'s lawyers and the Public Prosecutor can make any investigation demands known, ANP reports.

In July P., 28, was sentenced to 28 years in prison with institutionalized psychiatric treatment for raping and killing 25-year-old Anne Faber. The defense appealed against the sentence. According to P.'s lawyers, the defense "was not followed in a number of essential parts".

For example, the defense asked for a reduction in the sentence because P. was harshly treated during his arrest, and suffered injury as a result. The court did call this a break from procedure, but did not reduce P.'s sentence because he only made a confession three days after his arrest.

Anne Faber disappeared while cycling in the Utrecht region on September 29th last year. Her body was found in a wooded area in Zeewolde 13 days later. She had been raped and murdered. Michael P. was arrested on October 9th after his DNA was found on Anne's jacket. He told the police where to find her body and confessed to killing her. In court it was revealed that P. said he killed Anne after she called for help.