Footage released of Rabobank safety deposit box robbers

The police released footage of the high-profile safety deposit box robbery at a Rabobank in Oudenbosch on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. The surveillance camera footage shows two masked robbers. The police hope that someone may recognize them by the way they move.

The robbery was discovered on March 5th. About half of the bank's 600 safety deposit boxes were emptied out. The bank estimates the damages at millions of euros. Investigators believe that the robbers had themselves locked into the bank for two days for the robbery, entering the Rabobank branch on Friday March 2nd and leaving on Sunday March 4th.

Late last month the police arrested two security workers suspected of helping the robbers enter the bank. The two suspects work for Breda security company EBN, which provides security for 12 Rabobank branches in the region. According to RTL, the two suspects deny helping the robbers and say they only did their jobs. They are still in custody.