Daring burglary hits Rabobank safety deposit boxes; Clients on edge

Burglars broke into a Rabobank branch in Oudenbosch and stole valuable belongings from several safety deposit boxes. The burglary happened sometime over the weekend and was discovered on Tuesday, according to NOS.

Exactly how many safety deposit boxes were robbed is unclear. The police speak of "a large number". An investigation is underway and the police are calling on witnesses to come forward.

Rabobank is making an inventory of the damage, the bank said, according to AD. The bank's customers were informed. "At least, as far as we know, those who were affected know what has happened", a spokesperson said to the newspaper. 

One customer is shocked by the news, he said to Omroep Brabant. "You think your belongings are safe in a heavily secured bank, but I could just as well have kept them in a drawer at home", the customer said. "There were stuff with emotional value between it. I hope they find some things back."

Possessions in the bank's safety deposit boxes are insured up to 45 thousand euros, according to Rabobank's website. The site also states that the safety deposit boxes are becoming more expensive, but: "You do not run the risk that your belongings will be lost due to burglary or fire, for example."