Millions stolen from Rabobank safety deposit boxes: report

A robbery targeting safety deposit boxes at a Rabobank branch in Oudenbosch over the weekend, may be one of the biggest bank robberies in Netherlands history. At least 300 safety deposit boxes were emptied, and the robbers got away with between 5 and 15 million euros, the Telegraaf reports.

According to the newspaper, many of the safety deposit boxes contained cash and even gold bars - there was so much cash and gold that the robbers could not take everything.

On Monday Rabobank employees in Oudenbosch discovered that the bank had been robbed over the weekend. Half of the 600 safety deposit boxes were broken open, according to the newspaper.

There is no trace of the perpetrators. The police still have no idea what happened, according to RTL Nieuws. They haven't received any tips. Investigators are taking all scenarios into account, a spokesperson for the West Brabant police said to the broadcaster. "It is still unclear how this break-in happened. We are also taking into account a scenario in which employees of the bank helped from the inside. People are still being questioned."

The police are also still talking to the owners of the safety deposit boxes. Fifteen detectives are working on the case.

Previously the police said they assume professionals committed this robbery, according to the broadcaster.