Inside job considered in Rabobank safety deposit boxes robbery

The police team investigating the safety deposit boxes robbery at a Rabobank in Oudenbosch, is currently looking at the company responsible for the bank's security - Breda company EBN. The police confiscated the company's entire server. "We confirm that it is taken into account that this is an 'inside job' and that the server of the company was confiscated", spokesperson Mireille Aalders of the Zeeland-West-Brabant police said to AD.

The robbery happened over the weekend of 3 and 4 March. According to the newspaper, at least two men managed to get into the underground space where the bank keeps its safety deposit boxes on Saturday. They left on Sunday, after spending at least 24 hours in the bank, emptying safety deposit boxes. The damage is estimated at several million euros. 

A team of detectives, forensic- and digital experts is working non-stop on investigating the robbery. Cyber experts are combing through the EBN server for ay suspicious activity. The police are talking to all EBN employees involved at security at the Rabobank in Oudenbosch. They are also talking to "employees of the bank itself", police spokesperson Aalders said to the newspaper.

EBN refused to comment to the newspaper. "As long as the investigation is ongoing, we can't give any information", director Frank van Jeveren said. 

The Rabobank in Oudenbosch reopened on Monday morning, after being closed for over a month. The safety deposit boxes are accessible to their holders again, but only at appointment. The bank is still talking to victims about the contents of their safety deposit boxes.