After school worker gets prison for child sex abuse

The court sentenced 27-year-old Bart C. to 20 months in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment on Tuesday for sexually abusing seven children while working at the after school care at child care center Patrou in De Bilt, reports.

The child care worker confessed to abusing the children, though his confession deviates from what the Public Prosecutor suspects when it comes to the extent and duration of the abuse. The Public Prosecutor demanded 2.5 years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric care against C. The court gave C. a lower sentence so that he can start treatment as soon as possible, according to the newspaper.

The court decided to impose institutionalized psychiatric treatment on C. based on the advice of three experts. They concluded that C. has a sexual masochism disorder and also shows signs of autism. The experts advised imposing institutionalized psychiatric treatment, because there is a good chance that C. will not complete his treatment otherwise. 

The judge followed the experts advice. In addition to prison and compulsory treatment, C. is also not allowed to enter De Bilt, seek contact with his victims or their families, or seek contact with minors.

This case came to light in August last year when the father of two girls, then 4 and 6 years old, went to the police. The girls told their parents that C. made them perform sexual acts with him. Patrou immediately dismissed C. and held an information evening about what happened. This led to more charges of child sex abuse filed against C.

During the last hearing of his trial, C. apologized for what he did and promised never to do it again. He told the court that he abused the children for his fetish. Among other things, he made the kids step on his crotch. 

According to the court, C. seriously violated the children's physical and mental integrity.