Childcare worker abused kids for his fetish

Bart C., a 28-year-old former pedagogical employee for childcare institution Patrou, sexually abused children at an after school care in De Bilt to indulge his fetish, he said in court on Tuesday. He said that he regrets that he abused the children for his fantasies, reports.

C. was arrested in August last year after two sisters, aged 4 and 6, told their parents that they had a secret. When the parents asked about it, the girls told them that C. made them perform lewd acts with him. Their father immediately called the police.

In court C. revealed that he has a fetish and asked the sisters to step on his crotch on two different occasions. They also had to touch his genitals.

According to the Public Prosecutor, C. sexually abused seven children and showed his genital to an eighth child, between January 2016 and August 2017. He worked for Patrou for five years, but was fired after his arrest. C. confessed in most cases, but denies that he showed his genitals to a child. 

The judge read excerpts from statements the young victims made. Some children were "afraid that the teacher would get angry if they did not do what he said", according to the court. One child said that she had to stand on a table and jump onto C.'s crotch. According to the suspect, this is an misinterpretation of what happened. "That was a kind of wrestling. It was not part of my fetish", he told the court.

The parents of the victims followed the hearing via a video link in a separate room. Three parents made emotional victim statements. They blame C. for taking away their children's innocence and putting them in a hellish situation. "I always told my daughter that I would protect her, but that turned out not to be true", according to a mother who had her statement read by a victim support officer.

Another mother read a statement made by her daughter. The girl never dared to talk about the abuse. "Except with my dog", the child said. "I tell him everything. He understands me. I'm happy that Bart is in jail and can not be with me anymore."

Bart C. burst into tears when he heard these statements, according to the newspaper.

The Public Prosecutor demanded 2.5 years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment against C., according to NOS. The Prosecutor also wants the court to ban C. from the municipality of De Bilt for five years. Psychologists concluded that C. has a masochistic disorder and may also have a pedophilic disorder. They advise that he be sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric treatment, because they are concerned that he will not finish his treatment otherwise.