Amsterdam, emergency services to hold large anti-terrorism drills

Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie). (Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie))

The municipality of Amsterdam, along with emergency services in the city and the Ministry of Defense, will be holding large anti-terrorism training drills in the city on November 8th and 9th. The aim of these exercises is to make sure all involved parties can work properly together should there be an attack in the Dutch capital, Het Parool reports.

The terrorism threat level in the Netherlands has been substantial since 2013, according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security. And while there is no concrete threat of an attack in Amsterdam at present, the municipality has been taking measures for years to decrease the risk and minimize the impact of a possible attack.

The training drills next month will involve the police, the Public Prosecutor, the fire brigade, medical services, the Special Interventions Service, and Defense. One drill will be held at the Haddock restaurant on Zeeburg Island, and another in the still under construction subway station Europaplein. The drills will involve people pretending to be terrorists, as well as practice ammunition being fired. Drills will also be held at the town hall and a police station. 

Local residents and businesses around the training locations will be kept informed by the municipality.