Police raid homes tied to Haarlem man found dead in car

Police officers on the street
Police officers on the street. (Photo: Politie)

On Wednesday the police searched two homes in IJmuiden in the search for a man believed to be involved in the death of an 18-year-old man from Haarlem. The victim was across the street from a hospital in Haarlem on Monday.

The suspect was not found in either of the addresses, the police said in a statement. Investigators did seize a number of digital storage devices for further investigation.

The victim, Kemal Budak, was found dead in the backseat of a red Mercedes at the intersection of Kadijklaan and Roolandweg in Haarlem early on Monday morning. The car was parked a

On Monday the police also did a trace evidence investigation on Betelgeuzestraat in IJmuiden, where blood was found. The police believe it may have a connection to Budak's death.

The investigation is still ongoing. The police are currently focusing on figuring out the whereabouts of the suspect.