Police up the ante in int'l drug gang busts

The police have arrested three more suspects in the 18 month long investigation surrounding a crime family in Roosendaal. This crime family is suspected of operating a drug line to France.

The new suspects in the case are a 32 year old man from Roosendaal, a 41 year old man from Oud-Vossemeer and a 58 year old woman. The woman was arrested in Aruba and arrived in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

On June 9th, the police carried out a large scale raid at 25 addresses around Etten-Leur and Roosendaal. Two location in southern Spain were raided at the same time. A total of 6 suspects were arrested and various goods were confiscated.

The three new suspects do not form part of the Roosendaal crime family, but the police believe that they are of the criminal organization surrounding the family. They are suspected of violations of the Opium Act and/or money laundering.

The investigation is still ongoing and the police expect that more arrests may follow.