Dutch Bonnie & Clyde could get 14-16 years in prison

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The public prosecutor has called for a 16-year prison sentence for Antonio Marcos van der P. and 14-year sentence for Enise B. in an Assen court on Friday, the prosecutor's office reports. The couple, known as the Dutch Bonnie and Clyde, were arrested for a February 2014 crime spree, and are charged with extortion, attempted manslaughter, attempted murder, unlawful detention and armed robbery. 

A lengthy jail sentence is in order considering the severity of the crimes, and the number of offences committed, requiring the maximum sentence of 16 years in prison, the prosecutor says. The office states that according to Dutch criminal law, in a confluence of multiple offences the sentence is determined with the worst offence, which in this case is 12 years for armed robbery with a possibility of adding a third of the sentence on top of the 12 years.

Although both suspects are held jointly responsible for the offences committed, there is a distinction in sentencing. The prosecutor finds the 14-year sentence appropriate for the female suspect since she is a first-time offender and has fewer charges on the indictment. It was also believed that the Antonio Marcos van der P. was responsible for the use of violence, such as stabbing, shooting and beating, which prosecutors factored into their demand for 14 years instead of the same sentence request as the male suspect.