'My life is shattered': Dutch Bonnie & Clyde witness

Several victims of the "Dutch Bonnie and Clyde" criminal duo Antonio van der P. and Enise B. say they suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. The information was revealed during the third day of the pair's trial in court in Assen, NOS reports. 

One of the victims was tied to a bathtub for hours and says he feels 15 years older after the incident. "My life is shattered. I'm in a tunnel with no light in the end," he said in the court according to a RTV Drenthe reporter's Twitter account. "I looked down the barrel of a gun and thought I was going to die."

A second victim says he feels out of step, his family is still having difficulty and he is being treated by a psychologist, ANP reports.

"There is a life before the deprivation of liberty, and a life after the deprivation of liberty," another witness said.

The duo is believed to be responsible for a crime spree of violent burglaries. The prosecution suspects the two of extortion, threats, robbery, attempted manslaughter and attempted murder.