Convicted felon escapes from psychiatric prison

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A 44-year-old psychiatric patient, René de L. has been signaled by police, as he escaped the clinic where he was staying during unsupervised leave. The patient was convicted for attempted murder and embezzlement in 2006. 

De L. was staying in the psychiatric (TBS) clinic Rooyse Wissel in Oostrum, close to Venray in North-Limburg. When the patient did not return to the clinic on the 31st of July, the clinic signaled his disappearance.

Police are now urgently looking for the escaped psychiatric prison patient. People who recognize him would be better off not approaching him, the police warns. He can be unpredictable.

Some time back, the clinic in question, De Rooyse Wissel, came in the news due to supposed abuse in the clinic. Patients reportedly felt unsafe in the clinic. The Ministry is investigating.