threatening letters

Feb 26 '16 07:52

About ten mosques in the Netherlands received threatening letters over the past days. The letters contain swastikas and texts like "You will soon receive important visitors, pigs" and "Islam is the devil's religion".

Oct 29 '15 07:57

VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra is not the only party leader to receive threats in connection with the asylum debate. CDA leader Sybrand Buma, D66 leader Alexander and GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver also recently received threats.

Ronald Plasterk
Oct 16 '15 13:42

Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs is concerned about the death threats sent to a number of city politicians in response to the shelter of asylum seekers. In this week officials in both Rijswijk and Rijssen-Holten received threats after the municipalities agreed to open refugee centers in the areas

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Oct 14 '15 14:02

A number of Rijswijk city councilors have received threatening letter after the council agreed with the arrival of an asylum center in the municipality last week. Both Rijswjk mayor Michiel Bezuijen and Prime Minister Mark Rutte called this "totally unacceptable". The Prime Minister went as far as to describe the incidents as bizarre, appalling and reprehensible.

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Jun 11 '15 08:18

A number of collection offices in The Hague and Amsterdam have received letters containing "radioactive" this past month. The letters are signed by ISIS/Islamic Caliphate. One office in The Hague also received a letter pronouncing a death sentence on the office.

Mar 3 '15 14:01

The 70 year old Dirk Klaas M., who is suspected of blackmailing John de Mol and threatening Linda de Mol and her family, appeared at the first public hearing at the court in Utrecht today.

Dec 30 '14 11:27

Mayor Fons Naterop of the Aalburg municipality has received another threatening letter. The letter was delivered on Monday to the municipality and Omroep Brabant and states that the mayor is "next".

Dec 8 '14 09:04

Family members of Dirk Klaas M. have no idea why he extorted John and Linda de Mol. "For us it is a mystery."

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Dec 5 '14 12:12

A 70 year old man from Zeist has confessed that he extorted and threatened John and Linda de Mol for more than a year. A police spokesperson confirmed that the man was arrested on Wednesday.

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Oct 10 '14 15:17

The police announced that the De Mol family has received another blackmail letter.

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