Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
Oct 9 '17 17:10

A 53-year-old Dutch man died on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on Friday. The believed cause of death is heart failure, a friend who climbed the highest mountain in Africa with victim Jack Dellepoort, said to BN De Stem.

"We reached the summit on Friday morning at 06:15, after which he suddenly became unwell. There was immediate help from guides and people with oxygen and measuring equipment to measure blood levels and heart rate", the friend said to the newspaper.  

Feb 2 '16 12:36

An American man pleaded guilty to charges of planting a fake bomb on a KLM flight between Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in October 2014

Jun 25 '15 16:30

Two Dutch students had quite an anxious experience in the African country of Tanzania this weekend. They were mugged by five African men. "It was really a shock", according to Sheridan Flipse, but the muggers were "actually pretty sweet".

Feb 26 '15 17:10

Recent investigation into "Jihadi John's" identity have lead British officials to believe that the notorious ISIS killer was in fact held at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 2009, Washington Post reports. The infamous British English-speaking man has been seen beheading several hostages on videos circulating the internet.

Oct 21 '14 08:30

A KLM plane had to make a precautionary landing in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Monday afternoon due to the presence of a suspicious package.

Sep 23 '14 09:32

At the climate summit in New York Tuesday, State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs will present a new Dutch plan to combat famine in developing countries. According to the Algemeen Dagblad, 75 countries are already supportive of the plan.

Sep 17 '14 11:00

A delegation from the House Chamber has visited the naval ship The Seven Provinces on the east coast of a Africa. The delegation which included Chamber President Anouchka van Miltenburg toured the ship last week as it went out on patrol. The Seven Provinces is part of the anti-piracy operation Atalanta.

Marine Ship
Jul 11 '14 14:41

Last week, a delegation of Dutch MPs from the House of Representatives visited the Dutch marine frigate The Seven Provinces (De Zeven Provinciën) off Africa's coast.

Dec 3 '13 14:49

The Ministry of Development has faced eighty cases of fraud or abuse of aid funds over the last three years. The number of reports shows an increase from 21 in 2010, to 27 in 2011, and 31 in 2012.

Dec 2 '13 14:15

The Netherlands is demanding that Tanzania pay back € 25,000 that had been part of a grant, but was misused in the east African nation. Financieel Dagblad reports today that civil servants used the money to “purchase expensive vehicles and for excessive per diems”. The Foreign Ministry has confirmed the claim.

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