ISIS killer "Jihadi John" held in Amsterdam in 2009

Recent investigation into "Jihadi John's" identity have lead British officials to believe that the notorious ISIS killer was in fact held at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 2009, Washington Post reports. The infamous British English-speaking man has been seen beheading several hostages on videos circulating the internet. 

Investigators have had strong indications that "Jihadi John" is Kuwait-born Londoner Mohammed Emwazi.

He was supposed to take part on a trip to Tanzania, but was detained and held in police custody upon landing in Dar es Salaam in May 2009. The suspected jihadist and two others were then deported.

After being unable to stay in Tanzania, Jihadi John flew to Amsterdam. He claims in an email to a friend that he was held in the Schiphol Airport by a MI5 agent who accused him of trying to reach the home base of terrorist organization al-Shabab in Somalia. MI5 is the domestic security agency of the United Kingdom.

The suspect denied the accusations. His precise whereabouts since the beginning of 2014 are unknown to officials.