Ralf Meinema
Feb 25 '20 20:10

Several new tips in the 2017 murder of Ralf Meinema were reported to police Monday night after the victim’s family issued a 100 thousand euro reward for information that leads to the case’s closure. The money is in addition to the 15 thousand euros committed as reward money by the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

Ralf Meinema
Jul 26 '18 13:10

The police received three anonymous letters in the investigation into the murder of 31-year-old Ralf Meinema, who's body was found in the trunk of a Mercedes pulled out of the Stieltjeskanaal in March last year. Investigators are looking for the writers of these letters, the police said in a statement.

A Mercedes with the body of Ralm Meneima in its trunk pulled from the Stieltjeskanaal, 31 March 2017
Feb 6 '18 13:30

The Dutch authorities offered a 15 thousand euros reward for information that leads to an arrest in the murder of Ralf Meinema. The 31-year-old man from Klazienaveen in Drenthe was found murdered in the trunk of a Mercedes, which was half submerged in the Stieltjeskanaal between Zandpol and Coevorden in March last year. 

Ralf Meinema
Apr 4 '17 08:04

The police identified the man found murdered in the trunk of a car pulled from the Stieljteskanaal on Friday morning as a 31-year-old resident of Klazienaveen. According to Dagblad van het Noorden, he is Ralf Meinema, a freelancer in the field of excavation who bought his home in Klazienaveen less than a year ago.

Mar 31 '17 12:31

A car was found half submerged in the Stieltjeskanaal in Coevorden on Friday morning. The trunk of the car contained the dead body of a man. According to hte police, the man was murdered, ANP reports.

The car has since been lifted out of the water. A forensic team is doing a trace evidence investigation.

The police are investigating who the victim is, who the car belongs to and how the car ended up in the water. Based on photos, the car seems to be a dark colored Mercedes. 

Police sign
Jul 13 '16 14:50

An accident in which four people were killed in Stieltjeskanaal, Drenthe on Saturday, was caused by a faulty brake on the trailer being dragged by the car, the police's Traffic Accident Analysis department concluded.

Jul 9 '16 12:02

Three adults and a child were killed when the car they were in crashed into the water in Stieltjeskanaal in Drenthe on Saturday. All four victims came from Stieltjeskanaal.

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