Three anonymous letters received in murder investigation

The police received three anonymous letters in the investigation into the murder of 31-year-old , who's b pulled out of the Stieltjeskanaal in March last year. Investigators are looking for the writers of these letters, the police said in a statement.

The police believe that the first two letters were written by the same person. The third letter, received in the spring of this year, was written by someone else. "The investigation team can not share the content of these letters because of the investigation. Nevertheless, the content is so interesting that the police would like to get in touch with the writers", the police said.

DNA was found in the car in which Meinema's body was found, the police also revealed. The DNA does not belong to the victim, and is not on the police database. That could mean that the person the DNA belongs to has never been in contact with the law for a serious crime.

The Public Prosecutor offered a for information that leads to the arrest of Meinema's murderers.