May 20 '20 09:09

Noord-Brabant is offering farmers so-called wolf-resistant nets to protect their sheep after multiple incidents of wolf attacks on sheep in the province. Farmers who want to can get the nets from the province on loan, a spokesperson for provincial deputy Elies Lemkes-Straver said to Omroep Brabant. The province is currently checking which farmers want to use these nets. 

Covid-19: Sign near Azartlein in Amsterdam warning that violating social distancing rules can result in €390 fine, 12 April 2020
Apr 13 '20 10:24

The majority of Netherlands residents heeded the call to stay home as much as possible over the weekend, according Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the Security Council - the council for the Netherlands' safety regions. He calls on people to also stay home on Easter Monday - traditionally the day when Dutch flock to home improvement stores, NOS reports.

Closed sign
Apr 4 '20 12:11

Local authorities across the Netherlands are showing concern over the potential for crowding this weekend and into next week as warm Spring weather arrives in northern Europe. The concern comes in spite of many nature reserve parking lots, dunes, beaches, parks and forests being closed-off to the public in order to prevent an influx of visitors and, by extension, the spread of the coronavirus.

A family of red deer in Oostvaardersplassen
Feb 3 '20 14:30

Forestry association Staatsbosbeheer is still not allowed to cull any more red deer in nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen, the court ruled on Monday in a lawsuit filed by multiple nature organizations, reports.

Golden jackal spotted in Drenthe on 22 Nov 2019
Dec 6 '19 12:50

A golden jackal was recently spotted in Drenthe, forestry association Staatsbosbeheer announced on Friday. This is the third ever sighting of a golden jackal in the Netherlands, and the first to be spotted outside the Veluwe.

The Drenthe sighting happened by luck - the golden jackal walked past a wildlife camera on November 22nd, according to Staatsbosbeheer.

A family of red deer in Oostvaardersplassen
Nov 13 '19 15:10

Forestry service Staatsbosbeheer and the province of Flevoland must stop the large-scale culling of red deer in nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen, the Midden-Nederland court ruled on Tuesday. Multiple nature organizations lodged an appeal against the mass culling of red deer in order to reduce the number of large grazers in the nature reserve, reports.

Apr 8 '19 15:00

From next week Wednesday, Shell will offer customers in the Netherlands the option to pay one cent extra per liter of fuel. The Dutch oil and gas giant will then use that extra money to compensate for CO2 emissions. "This offers customers in the Netherlands an interim solution as long as electric driving is not yet affordable for everyone", Marjan van Loon, director of Shell Nederland, said to NOS.

Red deer in the Oostvaardersplassen
Nov 5 '18 14:40

A total of 2,320 red deer currently live in the Oostvaardersplassen, according to a count by forestry association Staatsbosbeheer. Due to the reclassification of the nature reserve, only 490 of them can stay there. The other 1,830 red deer will have to be culled or moved, reports.

The province of Flevoland wants to cull the 1,830 red deer, because relocation is too stressful for the animas. Six nature organizations are trying to stop that in lawsuit. The court will rule later on Monday.

Jul 26 '18 14:50

The Krabbeplas near Vlardingen was closed for swimming on Wednesday after the discovery of thousands of dead fish in the lake. They likely died due to the heat, RTV Rijnmond reports.

Passersby saw the dead fish floating in the lake on Wednesday morning and called Staatsbosbeheer, which decided to close down the area around the lake. Visitors were already warned against swimming in the lake due to blue-green algae.

Samples were taken from the lake, to find out why the fish died. 

Wolf spotted repeatedly in Drenthe, 4 May 2018
May 22 '18 16:40

A wolf has repeatedly been spotted in nature reserves in central Drenthe over the past months. According to forestry association Staatsbosbeheer, this could be a sign that the animal may be settling down in the Netherlands. Though this will only be confirmed if every sighting was the same wolf, and if it stays in the same area for more than six months.

Horses and geese in Oostvaardersplassen near Lelystad
May 21 '18 14:00

Foresters shot and killed three red deer on the A6 highway between Lelystad and Almere on Sunday afternoon. The animals escaped from Oostvaardersplassen after activists cut the nature reserve's fences in 21 places on Saturday night, reports. 

According to the foresters, the animals endangered traffic safety. They were shot after permission from the authorities. A spokesperson for forestry association Staatsbosbeheer told that all three killed animals were pregnant females.

Horses and geese in Oostvaardersplassen near Lelystad
Apr 2 '18 10:29

A woman was injured and five people were arrested during a protest at the visitor center of nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen near Lelystad on Sunday. The woman was hurt by a police baton, and the five people were arrested for breaking open a gate at the closed visitor center, AD and ANP report.

no image
Jun 16 '14 11:41

The organization Wolves in The Netherlands is hanging a few dozen camera traps along the border to try and capture images of wolves who may be crossing over the border. The motion-sensitive cameras are being positioned in strategic areas to pin down where wolves could be roaming the country.

no image
Jan 28 '14 19:20

Netherland's highest point is located on the Vaalser berg (Vaals hill) in South Limburg, but at a different location than at the current marker, according to Staatsbosbeheer (National Forestry).

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