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Stella Vie - a solar powered family car designed and built by students at TU Eindhoven
Jun 22 '17 12:50

Students at the Eindhoven University of Technology unveiled their new solar powered family car on Wednesday. The Stella Vie is the successor of Stella Lux and the Stella and will be entered in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia later this year, the TU Eindhoven solar team announced on the university's website.

The Red Shift solar powered car by Solar Team Twente
Mar 29 '17 15:35

TU Twente students Solar Team Twente unveiled their new solar car The Red Shift, with which they hope to win the biennial World Solar Challenge in Australia this year. They believe that some improvements to their new, sleeker design will push them over the edge to first place, NOS reports.

Two years ago the students from Enschede came in second place, just barely losing against a team from Delft. 

Oct 22 '15 10:25

Wednesday was a big day for Technical University Delft. Not only did the university get a record enrollment of 5 thousand new students and a team of scientists led by professor Ronald Hanson of the university publish a paper challenging Albert Einstein on a quantum theory - the TU Delft Nuon Solar Team also won the Bridgestone World Challenge.

Oct 14 '15 17:10

Students from TU Delft have used a 3D printer to print a spoiler that will help them improve the streamlining capabilities of the solar car they will be entering at this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Jun 12 '15 08:10

Dutch athlete Dafne Schippers will be racing against a car in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam on Thursday, June 25th.

Mar 13 '15 12:01

Solar Team Twente presented the new design for their solar car during the event Bring Design To Life at the DesignLab yesterday afternoon. According to the team, the new, asymmetrical design will help them accomplish their dream of winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Oct 12 '13 00:17

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the negotiations on the Dutch budget, the Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin causes tension between Russia and The Netherlands under influence of alcohol, and the ongoing struggles of Greenpeace to free the Arctic Sunrise crew, sailing under Dutch flag.

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