Jun 14 '16 12:00

The number of online shoppers in the Netherlands doubled over the past decade, with 71 percent of Dutch now doing at least some of their shopping online, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

woman shopping economy
Jun 3 '16 11:35

The retail sector in the Netherlands started 2016 with a 1.6 percent turnover increase in the first quarter. The growth mostly attributable to online stores and the food industry, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Friday.

Apr 15 '16 08:36

The ban on free plastic shopping bags, implemented on January 1st, is bearing fruit of success. Since the implementation, all retailers report a decrease in plastic bag consumption of at least 50 percent, some large retailers even go as far as 85 percent, Trouw reports based on own investigation.

Mar 11 '16 13:25

Dutch shoppers spent a massive 16 billion euros in online shopping last year, a 16 percent increase compared to 2014. Food sales showed the strongest growth, increasing by 40 percent, according to figures from Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor

Jun 1 '15 17:24

Spanish fashion giant Inditex is expanding substantially in Amsterdam. Zara opened its second store in downtown Amsterdam on Thursday, and two sister-brand shops, Oysho and Stradivarius, will also open in the city.

Dec 24 '14 12:08

Today, the day before Christmas, is the busiest day of the year for supermarkets. Distribution centers have been working through the night to make sure all the supermarkets are supplied. Many supermarkets opened an hour earlier this morning.

Dec 3 '14 22:47

Dutch department store HEMA has warned consumers that all products ordered online after November 27 might not be delivered on time for Sinterklaas this year. The retail store made headlines earlier today when news broke of the company's financial loss in the third quarter of this fiscal year, amounting to 14.8 million euro.

Dec 2 '14 22:45

PostNL delivered over one million packages to households in the Netherlands so far in 2014, breaking the post office's record for packages delivered in a single year.

Aug 12 '14 15:08

New budget supermarkets are set to hit the Netherlands in the coming months. Prompted by the increasing success of German chains Lidl and Aldi, three new stores will aim to compete in the budget food and discount goods market.

shopping cart
Dec 25 '13 17:09

In the Netherlands, people had spent €11.1 million in store purchases yesterday through 17:00.

debit card
Dec 23 '13 12:33

On weekend before Christmas, Dutch shoppers made 15.9 million payments through debit and credit cards, according to Payments Association Netherlands.

Oct 24 '13 06:02

The online sales of groceries in the Netherlands will be doubled by 2016. This is expected by the research group for food and consumer products IGD.

According to IGD the Dutch will spend 1.6 billion euro for buying groceries online in 2016. In 2012 the amount spent was 0.6 billion euro.

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