Sexual Violence Center

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Nov 16 '17 11:50

The number of sexual violence victims reporting to one of the Sexual Violence Centers in the Netherlands, skyrocketed as a result of the discussion about sexual harassment, Ineke Sybesma of the Victim Support Fund said to RTL Nieuws.

Jan 4 '16 16:45

The municipality of Amsterdam launched a telephone hotline for victims of sexual violence which will guide victims towards medical, forensic and psychological assistance as they need it. According to the municipality, there is a growing need for assistance for victims

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Jun 8 '15 09:55

The National Center for Psychological Trauma at UMC Utrecht has to deal with more and more young people who need treatment for mental health problems caused by being blackmailed with nude photos sent during sexting.

May 11 '15 12:20

Adolescents who have been rape often wait more than a week before reporting it. This has implications for both the medical well being of the victim and the forensic investigation of the police.

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