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Patricia Paay
Jul 25 '18 15:50

Patricia Paay won her lawsuit against website GeenStijl and Twitter user Eendevanger. Geenstijl and Eendevanger acted unlawfully in p, the court in Amsterdam ruled on Wednesday. They must pay Paay 30 thousand euros in compensation for immaterial damages, AD reports.

Patricia Paay
Feb 22 '18 17:20

The Public Prosecutor will prosecute website Geenstijl for publishing a sex tape of Dutch celebrity Patricia Paay last year, the Telegraaf reports.

Telegraaf Media Group, parent company for both Geenstijl and the Telegraaf, refused to comment on the case. Geenstijl also reports the prosecution on its website. No announcement was made on the Public Prosecutor's site. 

The video in question was posted on Geenstijl in February last year. It was removed a short time later, at the instruction of Paay's lawyer Johan Langelaar. 

Dave Roelvink
Nov 10 '16 17:20

DJ Dave Roelvink was not present in court on Thrusday as a trial in which he is facing charges of jewelry theft and making a sex tape and posting it online started. According to his father Dries Roelvink, Dave is in Spain, the Telegraaf reports.

Roelvink's lawyer told the court that he is trying to avoid the media attention the case is getting. He will also not be in court on Friday. 

Jun 17 '16 11:55

Vocational school Florijn College in Breda is currently the subject of the investigation into a revenge porn case surrounding 22-year-old Chantal from Werkendam. Investigators believe that a sex video featuring Chantal and her ex-boyfriend may have been uploaded from this school

Mar 4 '16 08:54

Facebook and revenge porn victim Chantal from Werkendam reached a settlement regarding which investigators Facebook will allow access to their systems. This means that the court will not have to rule on the matter on Friday, both Facebook and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries announced on Thursday.

Nov 6 '15 14:15

Two IT investigators will be searching through the Facebook systems to find information on the person who posted a sex tape featuring 21 year old Werkendam woman Chantal.

Jul 21 '15 10:18

Facebook has missed the deadline imposed by the court to provide the profile information of the person who put a sex video of a 21 year old woman from Werkendam online.

Jun 10 '15 14:30

Facebook has deleted the information on who posted the sex video that is currently the center of a Dutch lawsuit.

Jun 1 '15 13:23

A 21 year old woman from Werkendam has filed a lawsuit against Facebook in order to get information on who shared a sex tape of her on the social media site. The case will appear in the court in Amsterdam on June 11th Omroep Brabant reports.

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