Women wearing respirator masks at Amsterdam's Muntplein. March 2020
Jun 4 '20 14:18

Another 13 people were confirmed to have died from Covid-19, public health agency RIVM said on Thursday. Three people were known to have died on Wednesday, and three more deaths took place on Tuesday for five in total. The rest took place in the five weeks prior.

The Dutch death toll rose to 5,990 with the latest update.

Twelve more people were also known to have been hospitalized for the coronavirus disease. The RIVM said at least eight people were admitted between Monday and Tuesday. To date, 11,771 have required treatment in a hospital for the viral infection.

Doctor's hand holding a surgical mask in front of the Dutch flag
Jun 3 '20 14:06

Public health agency RIVM confirmed the deaths of ten people who had been diagnosed with Covid-19. The ten all died between May 30 and June 2, the RIVM said.

It includes the first two known deaths on Tuesday, and it effectively doubled the weekend total to 14. Three more people died on Monday in addition to the two that the agency previously disclosed.

A total of 5,977 have died in the Netherlands from the coronavirus disease. At least 11,759 have required treatment in a hospital since the pandemic began, an increase of 9 compared to figures released on Tuesday.

T-Shirts hung with slogans in support of healthcare workers
Jun 2 '20 14:23

Two more people with Covid-19 died from the disease on Monday, public health agency RIVM said on Tuesday. It was the third day in a row where the number of new deaths and the number of new hospitalizations related to coronavirus was below ten. 

The RIVM said there were also two more deaths over the weekend than the five which were previously reported. A total of 5,967 have died from the coronavirus disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

Transmission mast
Jun 2 '20 12:40

Parliamentarians from the D66, ChristenUnie and SP are critical of an emergency law that will give health institute RIVM access to transmission mast data in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. D66 MP Kees Verhoeven is not convinced that this population tracking is necessary, he said to the Telegraaf.

The Nieuwendijk shopping street, completely deserted, in Amsterdam Centrum. May 28, 2020
Jun 1 '20 14:06

Public health agency RIVM acknowledged the deaths of six more people as part of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Netherlands. Another nine people were also treated in hospitals for the coronavirus disease. It was not immediately clear on which dates those deaths and hospitalizations took place.

In total, 5,962 people have died from Covid-19 since the beginning of March, and 11,744 were treated in hospitals starting at the end of February.

The RIVM also said on Monday that another 103 people tested positive for an active Covid-19 infection. To date, 46,545 have tested positive.

Social distancing promoted on an Amsterdam fire department ladder truck
May 31 '20 14:16

Another 8 people were hospitalized and diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection since the pandemic began, public health agency RIVM said. The total number of those hospitalized with the disease reached 11,735 on Sunday.

None of the newly-acknowledged hospitalizations took place on Saturday, but there was one admission on Thursday and another on Friday.

Medical masks
May 30 '20 14:07

Five more patients with Covid-19 were added to the total number of patients hospitalized in the Netherlands with the disease. Each of the five occurred on a different date, including four last week, and one earlier in the month, according to statistics from public health agency RIVM.

In total, 11,727 have required treatment in a hospital for the coronavirus disease since the end of February, the RIVM said.

Summer vacation
May 30 '20 09:53

The risk of traveling across the border to some European countries poses no greater risk of catching Covid-19 than remaining in the Netherlands, RIVM head Jaap van Dissel and chief researcher Jacco Wallinga told the public broadcaster NOS in an interview on Saturday.

A stethoscope against a series of charts and graphs
May 29 '20 18:10

The national health institute RIVM is set to be authorized to make use of anonymized data from telecom providers in order to determine whether or not Covid-19 measures should be relaxed, a temporary emergency law proposed by the cabinet on Friday reads.

Completely empty at morning rush hour: The Damrak in Amsterdam Centrum during the coronavirus pandemic. May 28, 2020
May 29 '20 14:13

Another 28 people were added to the number of Covid-19 patients who died from the disease, the RIVM said on Friday. It raised the total to 5,931, according to the Dutch public health agency.

There were still no reported deaths related to Covid-19 known to have taken place on Thursday. Five more cases were added to Wednesday's statistics, and four more were added to Tuesday's tally, bringing those totals up to 13 and 18, respectively. The rest of the deaths were spread out from April 1 through May 25.

Social distancing reminders on the Nieuwendijk, a major shopping street in Amsterdam Centrum. May 28, 2020
May 28 '20 13:54

The number of Covid-19 patients in the Netherlands who died from the disease rose to 5,903, public health agency RIVM said on Thursday. The increase of 32 was not exclusive to Wednesday, with eight deaths taking place on that day, and ten more added to Tuesday's total, bringing that day's figure up to 14.

All other fatal outcomes reported on Thursday involved patients who died in late April and May.

Terrace cordoned off in Amsterdam, 27 May 2020
May 27 '20 14:08

There were four patients with Covid-19 who were pronounced dead on Tuesday, according to the most current data available from public health agency RIVM. The four were included in an update that added 15 more fatalities to Dutch statistics related to the disease.

Ten of the other 11 deaths took place between May 19 and May 25, the RIVM said. In total, 5,871 people have died as a result of the coronavirus disease since early March.

University Medical Center Utrecht
May 27 '20 13:47

Dutch researchers are going to play a leading role in monitoring the safety and efficacy of vaccines against the coronavirus in Europe. This project was commissioned by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and will be led by UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University. Project ACCESS will focus on preparing Europe to properly and jointly monitor the effectiveness and safety of Covid-19 vaccines that enter the market. 

Covid-19: Amsterdam residents maintaining social distancing as they wait for their takeaways, 27 April 2020
May 26 '20 14:13

There were 5,856 deaths definitively linked to Covid-19 since the beginning of March, according to public health agency RIVM. The organization added 26 more cases with a fatal outcome to its statistics on Tuesday.

A total of six people were now known to have died on Monday. Most of the newly-reported deaths took place between May 18 and May 25, with the others occurring in late April.

The closed patio in front of The Walter Woodbury Bar in Amsterdam Oost. May 6, 2020
May 25 '20 14:00

Another 8 people were confirmed to have died from Covid-19 in the Netherlands, raising the death toll in the country to 5,830. Only two person were known to have died from the illness on Sunday, and two more fatal cases were added to Saturday's figures, bringing that day's total up to 3.

The other deaths occurred between April 24 and May 23.

The European Mink
May 25 '20 13:30

There may have been another case of mink to human coronavirus transmission at a second mink farm in the Netherlands. Three people who work at this mink farm have a coronavirus that has a genetic code very similar to the virus found in minks on the farm, Ministers Carola Schouten of Agriculture and Hugo de Jonge of Public Health said in a letter to parliament.

Personal protective equipment including medical masks on sale at a store in Amsterdam Oost. 24 April 2020
May 25 '20 08:01

Many of the medical masks nursing home workers use while working with residents who have the coronavirus, are defective. Newspaper AD had Greencycl in Utrecht, the company that tests medical masks for hospitals, test 25 masks commonly used in nursing homes' coronavirus wards. 12 failed the test, according to the newspaper.

Many of the masks let too many particles pass through and therefore scored an insufficient. A number of masks were up to 30 percent below the minimum score, according to AD. One type of mask expired 10 years ago.

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
May 24 '20 14:01

There were 11 more people who died from Covid-19 than previously known, said public health agency RIVM on Sunday. Eight of those deaths took place on Friday, raising that day's total up to 15.

Just one coronavirus related death was reported on Saturday, a figure that will likely rise as the agency receives more data. The other two deaths took place on May 20 and 21.

Some 5,822 people in the country are now known to have died from the coronavirus disease. Additionally, 11,672 have required treatment in a hospital for the illness.

Kid playing football
May 24 '20 09:00

Twenty health organizations and the Netherlands Lottery have joined forces with the goal of making the Netherlands generation of young people the healthiest in the world by 2040, sports comittee NOC*NSF announced. This involves both physical and mental health.

The initiative was launched after a report by public health institute RIVM showed that if Dutch people keep living as they do now, more than half will be chronically ill in 20 years. 

A Dutch flag printed on a medical mask
May 23 '20 14:04

There were 23 more deaths linked to Covid-19 in the Netherlands, raising the total number of people who died in the country to 5,811. Public health agency RIVM said it also knew of another ten hospitalizations for the coronavirus disease.

At least seven people are now known to have died on Friday. Another six cases with a fatal outcome were also added to Thursday's statistics, raising that day's total to nine. The other deaths reported on Saturday were added as supplemental data to dates between March 30 and May 20.

Covid-19: Sign reminding people to stay 1.5 meters apart on Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost, 15 May 2020
May 22 '20 14:02

Public health agency RIVM confirmed the deaths of 13 more people who were suffering from Covid-19. In total, 5,788 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus disease since March 6.

At least three people are now known to have died on Thursday, which was a public holiday in the country. That figure will likely increase as more data is collected by the agency. All of the newly-reported deaths took place between May 15 and May 22, data which includes the addition of six more patients who died on Wednesday. The update increased that day's total to 15.

May 22 '20 13:31

Between May 11 and 17, an estimated 2,850 people died in the Netherlands. That is bout 200 below what would have been normal for the 20th week of this year, if there had been no coronavirus crisis, Statistics Netherlands reported. This is the first time that the weekly deaths in the Netherlands was below average since the pandemic reached the country.

Social distancing at the Artis entrance the first day the Amsterdam zoo reopened to the public, 13 May 2020
May 22 '20 12:01

While there is still broad support for social distancing measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, people in the Netherlands are finding it increasingly difficult to keep 1.5 meters apart, according to a survey by health institutes RIVM and GGD. 

Chest x-ray of a patient presenting with pneumonia. The x-ray shows alveolar infiltrate in the middle lobe of the right lung.
May 21 '20 13:53

Dutch officials added 27 to the number of people who have died from Covid-19 in the Netherlands. Since the pandemic began, at least 5,775 people are known to have died from the coronavirus disease, public health agency RIVM said on Thursday.

At least 21 people died in the preceding two-day period, including nine on Wednesday. All of the newly-reported fatal cases took place between March 29 and May 20.

In total, 11,640 people have required hospitalization for the disease since the end of February. That was due to an increase of 13 over statistics revealed a day earlier.


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